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Last Updated: Wednesday May 17 2006 07:46 GMT

Why cheerleading involves trust

Press Packer Yasmin
Cheerleading first arrived in Britain over 20 years ago.

It's getting more and more popular and now there are more than 9,000 cheerleaders in Britain.

Press Packer Yasmin has been cheerleading for two years.

In her report she tells us about the jumps, cheers, trust and teamwork involved.

"Cheerleading isn't just an American thing - there are thousands of cheerleaders in Britain and we definitely have our own British way of doing it.

Variety of skills

It isn't all about pom poms and football.

Cheerleading involves lots of different kinds of things - stunting, cheering, jumps, tumbling and gymnastics.

There are also a lot of different roles. For example, I'm a base. This means that I stand at the bottom and help hold other people up.

The girls who stand on the top are called mounters. They have to trust us a lot because they're very high up!

Not just dumb girls

It's quite hard work being a cheerleader. We train for two hours on a Monday and for an hour on Friday.

There are loads of different types of jumps: toe touch, left herkie, right herkie, pike, tuck, spread eagle, round off flick and round off back tuck.

I don't think the stereotype about cheerleaders being dumb girls who only worry about their boyfriends is true.

Cheerleading's all about competition and skill and it involves a lot of teamwork and trust."

Yasmin, 15, Sutton

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