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Guides: Lacrosse

Last Updated: Thursday May 11 2006 14:30 GMT

What is lacrosse?

Two lacrosse players
Lacrosse is a team game, like football.

Also like football, goals are scored by shooting a ball into a net.

But unlike football, you don't pass the ball with your feet. Instead you use a stick with a pocket on the end, called a crosse.

There are different versions of the game:

  • Men's lacrosse is a contact sport (like rugby). This is why players wear protective clothing including helmets, gloves and arm padding.

  • Women's lacrosse only involves contact between sticks.

    Mixed lacrosse is played by both men and women or boys and girls. It is popular in many universities and some secondary schools.

  • Another version of the game, called Pop-lacrosse, is completely non-contact, even between sticks. It is mainly played by six to 12-year olds.
History of lacrosse

Lacrosse was originally played by native Americans.

Canadians were the first people to draw up the official rules. They introduced the game to the UK in 1867.

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