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Last Updated: Thursday May 04 2006 14:11 GMT

Lizo reviews the next Doctor Who

A scene from Girl in the Fireplace
Every week our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo will be bringing you his verdict on the week's episode of Doctor Who before it's even hit your screens!

Here's what he thought of the fourth episode from the second series: Girl in the Fireplace

Girl in the Fireplace is my absolute favourite of the series so far. A beautifully told story which kicks off with the Doctor and Rose, with Mickey in tow, arriving on a 51st Century spaceship. So far, so familiar.

But one strange aspect not normally found on futuristic spacecraft is an 18th Century fireplace through which is a young girl's bedroom. And within a few minutes we're in the middle of a mystery involving a strange connection through time and clockwork robots.

The two episodes with the boy in the gas mask were my favourites from the last series. And this one comes from the same writer Steven Moffat. He does scary better than almost any other writer while still giving us some great laughs along the way. Without giving much away, there's the funniest line so far in Series 2 in an exchange between the main characters about someone called Arthur!

For fans there are lots of clever references back to Steven Moffat's last episodes - yet again a banana crops up and the Doctor is once more asked to dance, this time by Madame Du Pompadour. There's a lot of mystery about this story, that isn┐t resolved until the very end. But it's worth waiting for.

The Girl in the Fireplace shows that the series, rather than running out of steam, is getting better and better.

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