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Last Updated: Tuesday May 02 2006 15:03 GMT

Rooney's recovery timetable

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney could be facing World Cup agony after breaking his foot against Chelsea on 29 May.

It's expected to take at least six weeks until Rooney is fit, so what are the key dates on his road to recovery.

Saturday 29 April

Wayne Rooney breaks the fourth metatarsal in his right foot in a match with Chelsea. England's first match at the World Cup is exactly six weeks away.

Monday 8 May

England expected to name provisional squad for World Cup.

Saturday 13 May

Two weeks since Rooney breaks his foot.

Monday 15 May

All squads - each containing 23 players - for the World Cup must be submitted to Fifa, who organise the tournament.

Friday 9 June

If Rooney is still unfit, this is the last day he can be replaced in the England squad, providing he has been selected.

Saturday 10 June

England's first game at the World Cup, against Paraguay. The game comes exactly six weeks to the day after the original injury.

Thursday 15 June

England's second match of the World Cup, against Trinidad & Tobago. Six weeks and five days since the injury.

Tuesday 20 June

England's final group match, against Sweden. Seven weeks and three days since the injury

Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 June

Should England qualify, they will play their second round match on this day. Eight weeks since the original injury

Sunday 9 July

The World Cup final. Should England be in the final, it will be 10 weeks and one day since Rooney was injured.