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Last Updated: Wednesday May 03 2006 10:56 GMT

Rooney hopes to play in World Cup

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is still hopeful of playing in the World Cup, despite breaking his foot against Chelsea.

The Manchester United star told the club's TV station MUTV that he was "devastated" to break his foot, but was still hopeful of playing in Germany.

You've just got to get on with it and be positive," Rooney said.

"But I'm in great hands at United and I know with the physio team I've got behind me here that they'll be able to give me the best possible chance."

England can wait until 9 June to decide whether Wayne Rooney will play in their World Cup squad, Fifa has confirmed.

A player can be replaced up 24 hours before their opening match so long as they have a serious injury.

Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Wayne's club Manchester United, has said he's not happy with the idea of letting him go to the World Cup if he's still injured.

Wayne Rooney

Ferguson said: "We will do our best to get the boy to Germany but if he is not fit, he is not going to go.

"In six weeks' time Rooney will have another two weeks to get fit to play in the quarter-final of a World Cup. That is a wild dream."

England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson has hinted he'll probably take Rooney to Germany whether he's fit or not.

England's opening match is on 10 June against Paraguay.

Your comments

I hope that Rooney will be fit for the World Cup but I don't think everyone should be making such a big fuss because the England team isn't a one man team - the other players can do just as well as Rooney.

Charlotte, 15, Sutton

I think we can still win without him - come on ENGLAND!

Josh, 11, Ashford

I do hope he is fit because England can't win without him. Yes there are lots of other good strikers out there but they not as good as Wayne Rooney!

Lillian, 13, Burnley

I'm devastated about the injury of Wayne Rooney because before he hurt himself I thought we had a good chance of winning the World Cup.

Scott, 15, Canvey Island

No, they can't really manage without him but they should replace him with Jermain Defoe.

Joel, 8, Ballymoney

I think it's good that you have got Rooney's point of view. Everyone is saying how bad it is for all the England fans and team - but what about poor Rooney? He must be devastated.

Eddie, 13, Unknown

I think it is great that both Rooney and Sven are being positive about this!

Eman, 12, London

I don't think that Wayne Rooney should play in the World Cup because he wouldn't have trained for it and so he wouldn't be fit.

Jade, 11, Abingdon

He is a fabulous player and I think, although England still have superb players, we will miss out on some opportunities due to his absence.

Charlotte, 10, Manchester

I would like Rooney to play but if he can't make it then I think Peter Crouch should take his place because when Rooney came off and Peter Crouch went on he scored for England.

Ricky, 11, Scarborough

I think we're better off without him he has a terrible temper!

Emily, 15, Inverness

I think that if Rooney is ill and can not play in the World Cup just leave him alone, sure he may have a very important role but so do the other players.

Brogan, 10, Buckinghamshire

Rooney is an excellent player and he has done really well for England and Man United but I think we might be able to do it with out him.

Callum, 11, Pirton

Rooney will be missed up front in the England squad but if they put their heads together and play like a team then I believe England can still win the World Cup.

Britt, 15, Peterborough

Come on Rooney, you know you can do it - we need your help as you're the best striker!

Tonicha, 9, Accrington

Rooney get better or England will lose!

Adam, 10, Barnsley

I think Sven should take Wayne along so he can play later games in the World Cup.

TJ, 11, Watford

Everyone should just leave Rooney alone now as he's never going to make the World Cup and he isn't that important any way! ROB HULSE FOR ENGLAND!

Andrew, 12, Barnsley

I am very sad! Why did he had to break his foot just before for the World Cup?!

Roshni, 11, USA

Come on Rooney, keep your spirits up and you will hopefully do it. You're the best striker so you will be fit enough I know you will!

Misbah, 11, High Wycombe

I think they should ask Wayne if he feels up to playing. But there will be a huge amount of pressure of letting the fans down if he doesn't.

Emma, 11, Glasgow

I don't think England can win the World Cup without Rooney he is the best striker. I think if England take Emile Heskey they will lose because he has scored only four goals this season.

Caroline, 15, Birkenhead

Rooney is our best striker and I think we will struggle upfront without him!

Gabrielle, 13, Grantham

I hope he gets better soon. We want you playing for England Rooney!

Katie-Louise, 14, Norwich