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Last Updated: Wednesday May 10 2006 17:25 GMT

School fires: Your thoughts

School fire
Lots of schools suffer arson attacks.

They are dangerous because people can get hurt and they can cause millions of pounds of damage to classrooms or other school facilities.

So we would like to know if your school does anything to prevent arson attacks?

Do you have sprinklers in your classrooms and have regular fire drills?

Or maybe your school has been set on fire in the past and you had move schools?

Do you think enough is being done to prevent school arson attacks?

Whatever you thoughts, e-mail us now and let us know.

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Your comments

I personally think that people who commit arson attacks are selfish because they should be thinking about the lives they ruined and the pain they cause to others, especially if they have caused someone to lose their life.
Viki, 12, Oldham

Our primary school was burnt down in 2002, the day after we had broken up for the six week holidays. We were all glad that we weren't in school on that day. It was horrible because we had to do our SATs in portacabins. The school has now been rebuilt.
Viki, 12, Oldham

Our school was set on fire but they didn't know whether it was arson or not but it was devastating. The fact that it was the science block that was set on fire and there's a nursery right next to it so all the toddlers were put in serious danger made it worse. I couldn't sleep for weeks for thinking about what could have happened.
Emily, 15, Barnsley

Only selfish and silly people commit arson. It is an act of desperation and these children should be helped as well as punished.
Jade, 11, Stilton

Our school has been on fire three times. A lot of course work and memories have been lost due to some teenagers having a laugh. Sprinklers should be brought into our school to prevent anymore damage.
Hannah, 14, Airedale

I think fires are really dangerous and I think all schools should have sprinklers.
Jamie, 12, Scotland

Children should be in school doing something with their lives instead of being complete idiots burning schools down.
Jessica, 11, Nottingham

I think that your special on Monday about arson was really informative and put the message across clearly. I think it's horrid for someone to do such a thing like set a house or school on fire. Also my dad is a fire fighter and I am now scared for him in case something happens to him. I am planning a project for my school to get sprinklers.
Hannah, 12, Sunderland

In my school, the fire alarm has been off three times but luckily the first two were false alarms and the third one, a girl set off on purpose. She nearly got expelled!
Anna, 11, Manchester

My school was burnt down two years ago and it still hasn't been rebuilt. Everyone takes fire drills really seriously now. It wasn't arson though.
Mandy, 14, London

Children should be in school doing something with their lives instead of being complete idiots burning schools down.
Jessica, 11, Nottingham

Who ever does this is immature and selfish. This is really cruel and it should stop now.
Chantelle, 14, Shaftsbury

My school does have sprinklers in classrooms but I don't think we have enough.
Jack, 12, Sutton

I think it's good to raise children's awareness of fire but don't think it's a sensible thing to broadcast a programme about arson as kids who didn't know about it now do.
Rob, 11, Cardiff

My school burnt down two years ago and it still hasn't been rebuilt. Everyone takes fire drills really seriously now. It wasn't arson though.
Mandy, 14, London

Someone set the bin in our toilet on fire on purpose and they got away with it even though the school knew who it was. I think that is bad because they may carry on or try again, putting lives at risk!
Cecily, 10, London

If kids had more to do they wouldn't do arson if they were occupied with something fun.
Emma, 13, Wales

After watching your show I am worried now about my college - we don't have any sprinklers in our school and I think we should because it is not only the teachers lives in danger it's the pupils as well.
Lee, 15, Blackpool

Once my school had two fire drills in one lesson!
Zahra, 14, London

I think it is mean, cruel and selfish. What do the people get out of burning a school down, ruining people's work and putting other's lives in jeopardy?
Esther, 11, Somerset

I think starting a fire just for fun is stupid. The people who do it think they're cool but they're not. They should get a life and stop ruining others.
Christina, 13, Sidcup

Our school hasn't had a drill in years! I wish they would though as I would feel safer.
Tam, 14, Belfast

We have a fire drill every half term. People just mess about because they always expect it to be a joke, but one day it might not be!
Ellie & Noah, 10, Bridgegate

A school near where I live has got totally burned down.
Laura, 14, Derby

My school has regular fire drills and sprinklers but I think we should have more things done to prevent this happening.
Melissa, 11, Bournemouth

Our school seems to constantly be on fire, we have all the systems but it still ends up burnt. When I was in year 9 the school was set on fire 3 times within one month. It got to the point now when everyone is fed up and just get annoyed at the people who do it.
Emma, 15, Southend

Kids don't always like school but how selfish is it if it's not your school? What happens if there's kids in there!
Kerry, 12, Pontefract

My school was burnt down unfortunately by some youths but they haven't been caught yet. its so close to my exams and I am scared that I wont do them because of what happened to the school.
Matthew, 15, Feltham

Our school have fire alarms but we don't have enough fire practices.
Leanne, 15, Barnsley

My school has all the equipment like fire blankets, sprinkles etc but in the firework season a lot of kids were bringing fireworks and setting them off in corridors. That has stopped now but it used to cause a lot of fire drills.
Annes, 15, London

Our school caught fire seven years ago and it still hasn't been rebuilt. The fire burnt down all the science rooms and the main hall. Now we have to have most of our lessons in temporary classrooms that are rotting and cold. The school keeps campaigning for new classrooms but the council won't build what the school needs.
Hollie, 15, Poole

My school is next to a fire station so no worries there!
Vad, 15, London

My school hasn't had a real fire but we've had plenty of drills and SUPPOSED emergencies. I think that even if everyone got out safely in a fire it would be absolutely terrible to people with coursework they've spent the whole year on.
Immy, 13, Tunbridge Wells

Our school was burnt down over 10 years ago. It was rebuilt and now we gave regular fire drills and good fire alarms. I think the fires are terrible.
Lily, 11, Essex

My school has had a fires caused by people smoking!
Tori, 14, Burgess Hill

At my school we have a fire alarm but it takes ages for all the pupils to get outside!
Bethany, 12, Birmingham

A school near me was burnt down back in 2004 by vandals, it was only about a week before their summer holidays started. They haven't rebuilt it yet. My school has never had a proper fire, although one time the fire alarm went off and then my friend told me it was her fault because in Science they had been seeing how bright they could burn magnesium and it set it off!
Caroline, 13, Unknown

Our school has never had a fire but we have had lots of break-ins as in most class rooms we have computers and interactive whiteboards. We still have fire drills, the most recent one we had our teacher didn't know if it was a fire drill or just an alarm and so she said lets just wait and see what the others do. By then if it was a real fire we would all be dead!
Isabelle, 13, Beaconfield

Our sports hall was set on fire by a student a couple of years ago and the nets still haven't been replaced. The police had to come to school because of people setting the alarm off.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

My school has been burnt down three times in 12 years. The previous two times have happened since I started the school and the last fire was in January this year. A large part of the school was destroyed and disrupted our education. Although the school becomes better each time it is rebuilt it is upsetting to know all your work is lost.
Emma, 15, Castleford

My school had a fire a few weeks ago luckily the caretaker could put it out.
Thomas, 10, Newry

My school burnt down in march and I lost some GCSE coursework.
Bex, 14, Swansea

We have lots of fire alarms and have two or three fire drills a month and my school has never caught fire.
Tia, 10, Nottingham

My school was burnt down by vandals in 2001 and now we have a bigger and better one but it was really sad as we lost all our work.
Helen, 12, Inverurie

It makes me realise how lucky I am that my school has never suffered with a fire and I couldn't imagine how it must feel to have your school burnt down.
Zara, 10, Portsmouth

A senior school near me had a fire a few months ago. A boy from the drama club discovered the fire and they lost their computer suite, a few classrooms, a couple of halls, but most importantly, THEIR SEVER ROOM!
Abigail, 10, Derby

My school is really good and safe as it has lots of fire alarms, fire blankets, fire extinguishers and all the latest fire fighting equipment there is.
Munazah, 9, Surrey

My school has got burned twice in the past three years and the second time was only a few weeks ago. I think it's really bad that people think it is cool to do something like that.
Kate, 14, Graigavon

My school was burned down in February and so we now have mobile classrooms. It was a Sunday so no-one got hurt but a lot of Year 11 lost their GCSE work.
Jake, 12, Shirley

My school was set fire to a couple of years ago but luckily it was out quickly as the fire station is right next door!
Kerry, 15, Poole

Not long ago a boy in the year above me set the toilet paper in the boys loos on fire. He was suspended from the school. It shocked everyone that it was real as we just thought it was another practice.
Elisabeth, 14, South Wales

I think the reason why people do things like setting stuff on fire is because there bored and have nothing better to do.
Cat, 9, Gloucester

My school was burnt down a few months ago. I was so devastated as it was the drama department.
Hannah, 14, Airedale

We have fire alarms in our school in every classroom but we don't have enough fire drills.
Zoe, 8, Bognor

Once our science teacher was doing an experiment in front of us and he set the fire alarm off! The fire engines came and everything!
Hannah, 11, Reading

My school was set on fire two years ago by some boys in my year. They set fire to the boiler and school was shut for a week. In the end the boys gave in and told the teachers that it was them who had started the fire.
Shahina, 15, Oldham

Well my school is quite safe and it hasn't had a fire yet but it must be awful for schools who do get fires.
Amy, 11, Leeds

If there was a fire at my school the fire alarms would go - but even when there isn't a fire the alarms go off too - annoying!
Hannah, 10, Wales

My class set off the fire alarm when we were cooking! Once there was also a fire in a bin! Last year during my SATS the fire alarm went off at my school and it was because of a bomb scare! It was well scary.
Michelle, 15, Huddersfield

I was in Year 7 at the time, the fire bell went off and we did the usual routine. When we were allowed back in the fire bell suddenly went off again. We lined up, got permission to go in again and then the fire bell went. This happened at least fifteen times! In my junior school, there was also a 'rumour' that these boys had just smashed the glass for a joke. I think fire bells are very useful - it's way louder than our usual lesson bell!
Rosie, 13, Petersfield

In our school some of the toilets now have fire alarms because people set fire to the toilets.
Lucy, 14, Whitley Bay

We have regular boring fire drills that no one pays any attention to them because they know that they are fake, I wonder what would happen if the school really got on fire...
Natasha, 13, Unknown

My school had a fire about three years ago. Someone set fire to the toilet roll holder in the boys' toilets in the main block. Now they have installed fire alarms in the toilets and it stops people smoking in them as well. We also have CCTV around the school.
Angharad, 15, Wales

Our school has a very noisy fire bell which keeps us safe.
Eleanor, 11, Birmingham

I live in the Middle East, and we have fire drills, AND bomb drills. It's good because it does make you feel a lot safer knowing that everyone knows what to do if something happens.
Lucy, 13, Muscat

I was just thinking today actually about what would happen if a fire broke out in the middle of the SATS and destroyed our school?
Berry, 11, Unknown

I wish my school had sprinklers, I would feel safer.
Stephanie, 12, Yorkshire

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