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Last Updated: Thursday May 04 2006 08:59 GMT

Your thoughts on Chelsea's title win

Chelsea celebrate winning the title
Chelsea have sealed the Premiership title after beating rivals Manchester United 3-0 at Stamford Bridge.

Are you pleased they have won? Do you think they have played well enough to earn the title?

Or do you think another team deserved to take home the trophy?

Or do you think they won because the club has got lots of cash to splash on players?

Whatever you think, email us now and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Of course, I've supported them all my life and love them! I have loads of posters of them. They played fairly even though it was like a cheating game!! But they won the game NATURALLY.
Estelle, 14, Surrey

I think it's unfair that Chelsea have won the title two years in a row because teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur could win it without having a billionaire!
Jon, 10, Stroud

It's like the F1 championship with Michael Schumacher- it's boring when the same team win again. Someone else deserved to win.
Bobby-Jack, 11, Bath

I think Chelsea deserved to win the title again. I didn't think for a moment that Man Utd would get it.
Nicola, 11, Cheadle

I don't particularly like Chelsea but they are a good team and deserved to win!
Chloe, 10, Cardiff

I don't actually care much about football. Still, I think that Chelsea played well.
Hannah, 8, Birmingham

I love Chelsea and I'm really happy that they won the league!
Charlotte, 9, Teddington

Go on Chelsea, I have supported them for over six years now and I'm really happy they won!
Anna, 11, Biggin Hill

I feel happy for Chelsea!
Patrick, 6, Leeds

I don't like Chelsea, but if they want to buy the Premiership then they can. But if Watford get promoted then watch out the Blues!
Ivan, 12, Tring

I think Chelsea shouldn't win. Man U or Liverpool could have won the Premiership.
Poppy, 11, Cambridge

I thought that both teams played fair, hopefully Rooney will be back to win the World Cup for England.
Anthony, 10, Grundisbrugh

It was a fantastic game. It proves Man U are so rubbish even a defender scored. It was a fantastic goal by Lampard.
Liam, 12, Walderslade

It was painful.. one thing for them to win, but for them to beat us 3-0!??
Charlotte, 13, Barrow

I love Chelsea there the best. I have supported them since I was three. They deserve the trophy they worked hard for it.
Sophie, 14, Basingstoke

First of all I am a Man Utd and I thought we did not deserve to lose but that is football. I guess Chelsea were the better team even though I hate 2 say it. I think everyone is more interested with Rooney story now I hope that he can be fit in time for the World Cup.
Hannah , 14, Horsham

I am so happy Chelsea won...they have played so well throughout the campaign and deserve their title. A fantastic season for the Blues.
Rachel, 15, Epsom

We are the CHAMPIOOONS! Get in there Chelsea! Man U weren't even there. Jose is a legend!
Rebecca, Aylesbury

I think its great that Chelsea have won the Premiership second time in a row and that they beat Man U!!
Kelsie , 12, Telford

I HATED every minute of it. I was disappointed with the result. I'm a Man U fan and I couldn't bear it?
Sam, 11, Burton upon Trent

Can't believe Chelsea won the Premiership!
Rachel, 14, St Helens

yay!!!! I kinda support Chelsea. they had 2 win. Also Pompey don't go down woohooo!
Laura, 13, Pompey

Come on Chelsea! They've come through the good and the bad and proved that they can once again be champions! Well done. I do hope that John Terry will play for England as he is amazing and although I do not support Man U I also hope that Rooney will be alright for England because we need him like mad.
Liz, Hampshire

I wanted Man U to win. I cried when I saw the score!!!! There should be a cup in which Chelsea aren't allowed. MAN U RULE!!!!!
Anon, 13, England

I think it is great that Chelsea won the Cup because I support them and the Blues are the best and we will go all the way some come you Blues it is great news.
Chelsea, 12, Fishponds

Noooooooooooo!!!!! That's soooo unfair. Man Utd deserved to win!
H, 14, Leeds

I think Chelsea deserved the title!
Haseeb, 11, Wembley

I am of mixed opinions seeing as I don't support Chelsea, but it was a fair win and they did play very well.
Sam, 9, Liverpool

I went to watch the match, it was amazing!!!!! GO CHELSEA!!!!!
Steven, 15, Nottingham

I'm VERY pleased they won as I am a Chelsea supporter myself. They played VERY well and I think they deserved to win. Well it's not their fault they're rich is it?
Annabelle, 9, Trowbridge

I was expecting them to win by a draw but to win 3-0 amazing. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Champions!!!!! And Jose throwing in his medal - legend moment. They won due to talent, skill and good management and great tactics and playing. They deserve the title second year round! Congrats!!!!
Layla, 15

Well done EVERYONE at Chelsea! The players are just really really talented!
Stephen, 11, Kent

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