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Last Updated: Tuesday May 02 2006 16:01 GMT

Do you have a nickname?

Katie Holmes
Actress Katie Holmes is apparently planning to shorten her name so it sounds more grown-up.

She's decided that her first name 'Katie' sounds too young and so wants to be known as 'Kate' instead.

And it's not the first time a top celeb has changed their name. US rapper P Diddy dropped the P from his name as he wanted to just be known as Diddy.

So, do you shorten your name to something else?

Or maybe you have a nickname?

Perhaps you prefer to be called your middle name?

Or are you called something completely different by your friends and family?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

My name is shortened to 'Heva' because it is much easier to spell than Heather!
Heva, 11, Ealing

I get called Granny Higgldey Piggldey because I once did this crazy presentation in drama where I called myself Granny Higgldey Piggldey!
Katie, 11, Ealing

My nickname is Desha which is what my mum, dad and brothers and sisters call me, but at school people call me Kadisha insted of Kedijah!
Kedijah, 9, Nottingham

My granddad calls me Crunch. I prefer Kitkat! Katie Holmes shouldn't be ashamed of her name, it's sad that she thinks it is babyish.
Katie, 12, Telford

I don't mind about my name, people sometimes call me Jo-Jo. I think the most important thing is what the inside that counts.
Joey, 13, Carrickfergus

My old science teacher calls me The Queen because I got first in science. But my friends usually call me Mim, Melia, Mimi, Puffley, Puff and so on.
Amelia, 14, Australia

I get called Freak, Weirdo and Dalek because I'm so obsessed with Doctor Who and I drive everyone crazy! I don't mind though, it's funny!
Laura, 14, Walsall

I get called Beth because Bethany is to long!
Beth, 11, Unknown

My nickname is Gorilla because I have hairy arms. I find this harsh and abusive so I have told may teachers and they helped a lot. I hope no one else suffers from this problem.
Tim, 15, Woodbridge

I don't have a nickname, I like to be awkward and make people say my name! But in the Infants one of my teachers used to call me Harri.
Angharad, 15, Wales

I get called Caz at school but my twin sister calls me Cal or Callie because she couldn't say Caroline when we were younger! I don't mind because she is Isabel and I call her Iz or Izzy, so we both have shortened names!
Caroline, 14, Oxford

My nickname is Satch because of my surname. All the teachers at school call me it as well!
Amber, 15, Southampton

I'm Vikki at school and Tor at home. I like either and Victoria too. My nan likes to be know by her middle name and she has for most of her life.
Vikki, 15, Stafford

My mates call me Vadman after I made a comic in a very boring Latin class with me as the hero!
Vad, 15, London

Some of my friends call me Lynz, which I prefer but most people just call me Lynsay.
Lynsay, 12, Kirkclady

My nicknames are Livvy, Libbs, Lilly, Chub and Livia.
Olivia, 11, Coventry

All my friends call me Abs, but there is one teacher that I hate that calls me Abi, I don't know why though as she doesn't even like me! WEIRD!
Abigail, 10, Derby

All my friends call me Lloyd because they think it's comical!
Lucy, 14, Ipswich

I love getting called Maddy - because I am mad!!! It's short for Madaleine.
Madaleine, 12, Dublin

My name is Amy and cannot be changed that much but all my friends call me Am's which i love!
Amy, 12, London

I don't have one but one of my best friends is called Ella and we call her Elmo like the character in Sesame Street!
Gemma, 13, Ipswich

My real name is Carla so everyone calls me Caz. I don't like it though because it makes me sound like a chav!
Carla, 10, Newcastle

My name is Chelsea but some people call me Chelly, Chels or Aicha.
Chelsea, 15, London

Most people ask if they can call me Kathy!
Katherine, 10, Fleet

I like my name Heather, but my nickname is either Moaning Myrtle (I look a bit like her and can do good impressions of her) or Heather Longbottom - I don't have any idea whatsoever where this came from, to be honest!
Heather, 14, Houghton

I've got loads of nicknames. My friends at church call me Beefcake or Beefy for short and pancake. I don't know why but it some how came up. My friends at school call me Beety and so does my dad.
Bettina, 13, Glasgow

Yeah, my mum calls me Newnew and it is really annoying!
Lauren, 14, Wakefield

Some of my friends call me Rach, others call me Rachey and at home I get called Rachey Pooh. I don't mind what I'm called!
Rachel, 15, Switzerland

My friends all call me Nemo. It's because one day they had been talking about the film when I walked up and one said, "Oh, hi Nemo!" by accident and it stuck!
Emer, 11, Belfast

Everyone has called me Aly since the day I was born and I guess it has stuck but I really want to go back to Alyssa but they still don't get it.
Alyssa, 14, Redcar

Some people call me Nosh, but other that I'm just called by my first name.
Nosheen, 13, Accrington

My full name is Roseanne-Louise, but it too long. So I prefer Rosie or Rose more.
Roseanne, 13, Northolt

I either get called Shelly because that's a short version of my name or I get called Shortie because I'm really small!
Michelle, 15, Huddersfield

Me and my friends call me Rosie instead of Rose as it sounds too old fashioned, but I dropped the 'e' as it took shorter to write. So now I write Rosi!
Rosi, 12, Loughborough

People call me Chez because of my last name. I like it . My brother copied me and just added an "A" at the end so people call him Cheza.
Simon, 15, Birmingham

Everyone always calls me Lu and I'm sure that one day someone might mistaken me for a toilet!
Lucy, 11, Bury

My nickname is Aly, I like the way it is spelt because it's different from the boys name, Ali.
Aaliya, 12, Sheffield

I get called Lizzie for some reason, I think it is because my real name is Elizabeth!
Lisa, 13, West Calder

I'm sometimes called Kaz by my friends and Jem by my sister. But I'm not ashamed of my first name.
Katy, 12, Edinburgh

Some of my friends call me Ellie! Other friends started to call me Ello but have stopped, I don't mind though! I quite like the name Ellie!
Eliza, 12, St. Petersburg

Everyone calls me Kit instead of Kitty. I prefer it as otherwise I get teased about being a cat!
Kit, 12, Driffield

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