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Last Updated: Friday April 28 2006 16:56 GMT

England line up Brazilian manager

Luiz Felipe Scolari
The next manager of England will be Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari if he wants the job, according to reports.

The boss of the Football Association Brian Barwick has travelled to Portugal - the national team Scolari coaches at the moment - to meet with him.

If Scolari accepts the job it means the England team would be managed by two non-English people in a row.

That's likely to be an unpopular decision with some fans, who want an Englishman in charge of the team.

Scolari's record as an international manager is excellent, having coached Brazil to World Cup victory in 2002, beating England in the last eight.

Who is Luiz Felipe Scolari?
Born in 1948 in Brazil
Played for a number of different clubs in Brazil without excelling
Managed four clubs in Brazil, winning a number of trophies including two wins in the South American Champions League
Appointed Brazil boss in June 2001. A year later they were world champions
Took over from Portugal in December 2002. And took them to the final of Euro 2004
Often referred to by his nickname - Big Phil
As Portugal boss he took them to the final of Euro 2004, once again knocking out England in the quarter-finals.

Last week it was thought that current assistant coach Steve McLaren was in line to take over from Sven.

Now that seems to have changed, but it could still be a while before the new England boss is confirmed.

Scolari has an agreement with the Portuguese FA not to take on a new job until his current contract ends in July.

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Your comments

He's experienced, Brazilian and has a habit of winning so that's what we want! Go Solari!
Jamie, 13, Durham

I think he is the best man for the job and as long as he respects the English tradition and doesn't try to change anything then that's okay. Good luck to him!
C, 13, Stanmore

I think Scolari would be great! He's the only contender with previous international experience and managed brazil to the World Cup and Portugal to the final of Euro 2004! He's the right man for the job. Well done the FA!
Cameron, 13, London

I think it is a good idea to have a Brazilian manager as he can teach new techniques to the England team.
Luke, 13, London

The next England manager has to be English because only an Englishman can truly understand the heartache we've been through for the last 40 years.
Alexander, 15, Horsham

I think that our England team should me managed by an English person for a change.
Charlotte, 11, West Walton

It's about time they approached him. He is a tactical genius like Rafa Benitez, he always plays exciting and attacking football and he has won a world cup! He isn't British, so what?! As long as the person is good enough, it really doesn't matter. Nobody will be complaining if he wins Euro 2008 or World Cup 2010!
Ben, 14, Irby

'Big Phil' is a great manager and I think he'll do well at England. Everyone thinks the right man should be English but they must remember, he has won the World Cup with Brazil and beaten England in two major competitions. Hopefully he will be beating the likes of Brazil and Portugal if he does join!
Sean, 12, Wirral

I think that managers of football teams should be from their own country!
Lucy, 11, Brighton

I think that the next England manager should be British but Big Phil looks like he could bring England to a final!
Chris, 12, London

I think it is preposterous that we do not have a English England manager.
Lucy, 11, Brighton

I think it would be good having Scolari as the next England manager as he has such a good record and I think he will fit into England well as all the players want to learn and they will really respect him because of what he had achieved.
Kate, 15, Wirral

I don't mind if our new manager is English or not, all that matters is that he's capable of managing us well and getting us to win some trophies. I like Luis Felipe Scolari because he has done a good job with all the other international teams.
Zoe, 12, Southampton

I think that the Brazilian should not run England as we always have people from different countries as manager.
Sophie, 11, Gloucester

Well, why can't he take over? The manager doesn't have to be English and besides he is the manager of Brazil and he's awesome and would improve England.
Jermaine, 14, London

I think an Englishman should take over being the England manager.
Laila, 15, Peterborough

I think that it doesn't matter who England's manager is as long as he does well by us and sticks by us I don't mind!
Lewy, 13, Lowestoft

He should, he is a well good manager. He lead Brazil to the World Cup final. He just needs a good team to manage.
Lauren, 10, Market Harborough

I think it's a great idea because I am tired of Sven. He has been there to long. England needs a new manager.
Steven, 11, Market Harborough

No, I don't think he should take over.
Daniel, 11, Hornsea

I think Luiz Felipe Scolari should be the England manager because he made Brazil win the World Cup in 2002.
Ciaran, 11, Market Harborough

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