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Last Updated: Tuesday April 25 2006 08:27 GMT

Worker dies in chimpanzee attack

This chimp reportedly led the attack
A group of chimpanzees who killed a worker at their wildlife sanctury and then went on the run are being hunted by police in Africa.

A team of building workers at the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone were savaged on Sunday.

One of them died. Four others - including three Americans - were badly hurt and needed hospital treatment.

It's thought that a total of 24 chimps escaped, but only three of them were involved in the attack.

Six of the chimps have returned. Police are searching for the remaining creatures.

A spokesman said: "We are combing the area and beyond to bring the chimpanzees back, but would not harm them."

People living in the mountain villages surrounding the sanctuary have been told not to approach the creatures.

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