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Last Updated: Wednesday May 31 2006 15:57 GMT

Single review: Hilary Duff - Beat of my Heart

Hilary Duff

Release date

Monday 24 April 2006


Soft electronic pop with simple lyrics and a repetitive tune.


It's called Beat of my Heart and lyric wise that's about all you get - I counted 32 "Beat of My Hearts!"

Aside from that prepare yourself for some cheesy lyrics and bad rhyming during the verses.

The opening: "I'm thinking about letting it out, I want to give in I want to go out" which a) makes little sense and b) rhymes 'out' with err 'out' again is a pretty good indicator of what to expect from the rest of the song.

Will you still be humming it next week?

Unfortunately it's so repetitive you do feel like you've listened to it 20 times after just one play - so getting it out of your head is easier said than done.

The heart beat that plays throughout does make it a bit of a foot-tapper though..... and you might even want to dance to it.

But the lyrics are pretty meaningless so you'll find yourself humming it but will be hard pushed to remember what on earth she was singing about!

Chart worthiness

People who love Hilary will no doubt buy her album - can't see anyone rushing to buy this single on it's own merit though.

NR rating:

Have YOU heard this single?

Your comments

I love Hilary Duff, but this song is not one of her best. However it is a song that I'd hum all day. After seeing her in concert I thought it was much better with the right graphics to it. I don't think it will be as successful as some of her other songs that have been released.
Jenny, 15, Stoke

I think that Beat of my Heart is one of the best songs from Hilary Duff. I especially like the video. I especially like the lyrics because they are different from other song lyrics.
Lottie, 13, Leeds

I loved it! Catchy, great music and Hilary Duff has the best voice I've ever heard. Admittedly, I am a Hilary Duff Fan, but I still give it a ten out of ten! I ♥ Beat of My Heart. I know exactly what she's singing about. She is following her heart! I can't see how anybody can not see that!
Issy, 10, Craven Arms

It's stupid and doesn't make sense. Plus Hilary's singing has no style whatsoever. She goes on and on about all these weird things!
Emma, 13, Manchester

I disagree with Newsround's review. I usually agree with them on most of your reviews but I have to say I really liked this CD. Beat of my Heart WAS a little repetitive and was most certainly not my favourite but the songs on her CD were to my taste quite good.... even though if you didn't understand what she was singing about.
Mary, 11, USA

I actually really like this song! It IS repetitive, but I have Hilary's album and I've been listening to this song for weeks! I love it and think it has a really good beat!
Jayde, 14, Newcastle

The best Hilary Duff song ever and brilliant music video.
Laura, 13, Huddersfield

Erm, no Hilary...just no. Stick to acting cos you can't sing let alone write good songs!
Tom, 13, Kent

I think it's the weakest song on the album.. I love her album but generally it sounds like something from the background off a playstation game!
Gina, 14, Northwhich

This song is a little cheesy but the album is brilliant!
Tanya, 14, Birmingham

I have got her album on my computer and I liked this song.
Abbie, 10, Stoke

I think it is a memorable song though that does not mean I love or hate it. If I am in the right type of mood it is fab if not though I will switch it off immediately and listen to something else!
Imogen, 10

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