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Last Updated: Tuesday April 25 2006 10:19 GMT

Your birthday wishes for the Queen

The Queen reading one of her many birthday cards
The Queen reading one of her many birthday cards.
The Queen is celebrating her 80th birthday today.

Buckingham Palace say she's already received 20,000 cards and 17,000 e-mails wishing her many happy returns!

But we want to know YOUR birthday messages for the Queen.

Maybe you've meet her and want to wish her well or simply say happy birthday?

And if you were able to, what would you get the Queen as a present for her 80th birthday?

E-mail us your messages for her Majesty!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Happy birthday me and my friends sang happy birthday to you!
Keira, 10, London

I wish the Queen loads of happiness and joy. I love our Queen and all she does. she is the best Queen EVER!
Fil, Doncaster

Happy Birthday Your Majesty! I hope the rest of your life is full of fun and happiness!
Ella, 10, Kent

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Your Majesty, Happy Birthday to you!
Sagor, 11, Norwich

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and lovely presents!
Natalia, 9, Putney

Happy 80th birthday Your Majesty. You have reached a great milestone. Congratulations!!
Lawrence, 14, Grantham

Dear your Majesty, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great birthday and good presents.
Anna-Lena, 7, Deal

Wishing you a very happy 80th birthday, what an achievement!
Rebecca, 11, St Albans

Your Majesty, I hope you had a lovely day!
Nikita, 12, Southampton

Wow! 80 years! Hope you reign for many more!
Abi, 11, Wilshire

Dear Your Majesty, I just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a lovely day! Hope you got some lovely big presents!
Narmatha, 11, London

Happy Birthday Your Majesty. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
Chloe, 10, Kendal

Dear Your Majesty, I wish you a great day and a Happy Birthday.
Catherine, 14, Liverpool

Dear Your Majesty, I would just like to wish you a wonderful and Happy Birthday and a great big thank you for what you've done for us during your reign.
Ryan, 12, Godalming

Dear Queen Elizabeth I hope you have a happy birthday and enjoy every minute of this special occasion!
Rachel, 13, Northern Ireland

I would get her a iPod! Happy Birthday.
Lettie, 9, Norwich

Hope you have a magnificent day your highness.
Ethan, 8, Rotherham

Dear your Majesty hope you enjoy your birthday. My school are sending plates to you.
Conor, 10, Bath

Dear Your Majesty, I just wanted to say happy birthday and have a lovely day.
Lawrence, 10, Bath

Dear Your Majesty, I hope you have a delightful birthday and I wish you the best of luck.
Jenny, 9, Kendal

Your Royal Majesty, I would like to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this very special occasion. I wish you many happy returns.
Sinead, 15, North Yorkshire

Dear your majesty I hope you had a glorious birthday and thoroughly enjoyed your self!
Elspeth, 8, Kendal

My grandmother has gone down to see her! I wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Nia, 15, North Wales

I hope you have a great time on your 80th birthday and hope you enjoyed your presents!
Sophie, 9, Kendal

To Queen Elizabeth, happy 80th birthday. We hope you have a good day.
Zoe & Ellie, Rawmarsh

Happy birthday your Majesty. Hope you have a good time and enjoy your birthday your Highness.
Jusnara, 12, London

I don't know much about you, it isn't every day you hear the Queen's life story but I wish you a very happy birthday indeed!
Becky, 10, Ormskirk

Dear the Queen, I would love to see you on your birthday but I'm afraid I couldn't come down! I hope you have many happy returns and happy 80th birthday!
Chloe, 11, Staffordshire

I am wishing you a very happy birthday and I hope you enjoy it.
Yaa, 9, London

Have a happy birthday and a lovely day!
Andreia, 9, Battersea

Dear your Majesty, I just wanted to say happy birthday and have a lovely day. I hope you get lovely presents but don't eat too much cake! I have always wanted to meet you and I hope you are well. I hope you have the best day ever!
Emma, 10, London

Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many happy returns!
Natasha, 13, Australia

I think you are a good Queen and I wish you a happy birthday - keep up the good work!
Georgina, 10, Parkwood

I just want to wish you a very very very happy birthday now you are 80!
Sophie, 6, Wolverhampton

Happy 80th birthday - have a nice day!
Tarryn, 11, Maidstone

I met the Queen last year and it was really cool. She knows exactly what to say! Happy Birthday!
Zoe, 11, London

Have a really good birthday I wish I could see you Happy Birthday!
Jennifer, 11, Great Ayton

I want to know what her birthday the cake is like!
Isobel, 10, Gloucester

I think the Queen should receive a lovely new gold crown for her birthday!
Amelia, 8, Birmingham

I want to wish the Queen a very happy birthday!
Hannah, 12, Maidstone

My mate's mum has gone to Windsor to wish her a happy birthday but we had to go to school instead! I wish her a happy birthday too though!
Louise, 10, Swindon

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