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Last Updated: Thursday April 20 2006 16:19 GMT

Young radio poets meet the Queen

The Queen during her visit

Young competition winners at the Big Toe Radio Show were among the people who met the Queen when she visited the BBC in her 80th birthday week.

Six children who had written the winning poems in the BBC7 show's Sound Story contest were recording their work when Her Majesty arrived at the studio.

Sophie-Jo, 11, from West Yorkshire, said: "She asked us what we were doing. She was really easy to talk to.

"She was dressed in a beautiful blue outfit. It was an amazing experience."

Big Toe presenter Kirsten O'Brien told Newsround: "We didn't expect the visit to be so personal. Usually you see these things and there are about a trillion people and you are just a face in the crowd, but we were all chatting to the Queen!"

Kirsten chatted to the Queen
Kirsten chatted to the Queen

The children had entered a competition to write a poem on the theme of sound. The overall winner was eight-year-old Casey and all the kids had a go at making sound effects for the show.

The winners were reading their entries live on the radio and these will be repeated on the show on Saturday, 29 April.

The Queen is 80 on Friday and has been taking part in lots of events this week to celebrate her birthday.