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Last Updated: Thursday April 20 2006 17:59 GMT

What did you think of Doctor Who?

The Doctor and Rose BBC/PA
The countdown is over - last night saw Doctor Who transported back to your TV screens for the start of the new series.

And we want to know what you thought of the first story New Earth.

Were the zombies scary? Did the blistering faces and warts make you feel sick?!

Maybe you didn't think the opening episode was terrifying enough?

What do you think of the relationship between Rose and the Doctor - sweet, exciting or just plain embarrassing?

Or perhaps you're bored of Doctor Who already and can't wait for the series to be over?

Whatever you think, e-mail us and let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

I loved it! The chase with the sick people was exciting, the kiss between Rose and the Doctor was so sweet, and the end was so sad! Overall- FANTASTIC!
Emily, 12, Maidstone

GR8! David Tennant was wicked, much better than Chris. But the kiss was gross!
Adam, 12, Wellingborough

My little brother really liked it but I think it's a bit cheesy, however I watch just to see David Tennant!
Niamh, 12, Glasgow

Doctor Who was GREAT!! I nearly cried when that alien went back in time to tell Lady Cassandra that she was beautiful and when he died!
Jez, 11, Hampshire

Doctor Who is finally back! New Earth was amazing but the ones I'm really looking forward to is K-9, Peter Kay, Clockwork Killers and the Cybermen!
William, 13, Grasby

It was a great start to the new series. Some parts were horrid. Other parts made you jump, it also makes you want to laugh. I really want to watch the next episode!
Laura, 11, Windermere

I think Doctor Who was very exciting and good to watch. It was wicked.
Adam, 10, Cumbria

Brilliant start to the new series! I was on the edge of my seat when those diseased people escaped, but overall the best part was giving the Face of Boe a bigger part. Bring on Ep.2!
Peter, 12, Romsey

I do really like Doctor Who but I don't think this episode was a great start to the new series. Yeah it was really funny and stuff but it could have done with a bit more oomph! Looking forward to the next episode though!
Annie, 13, Walsall

The first episode was better than I expected! David is a great actor and he makes a great Doctor! David and Billie are great!
Shreya, 13, London

I love the new Doctor. He really suits the character and Billie's really good. The kiss was sweet even if Cassandra was controlling Rose's body. I love the new series. Don't leave as the Doctor David!
Alex, 14, Herts

It was BRILLIANT, David Tennant performed really well for the episode and Billie Piper was good too. It was funny when Rose, Cassandra and the Doctor Kept switching minds. I can't wait for the next one..
Elisabeth, 11, Cambridge

Doctor who was fantastic! My favourite bit is when Cassandra went into the Doctor's body went up to Rose and said you like him!
Lisa, 15, Leicestershire

I loved it. I was falling off my chair. It was like my eyes were glued open. I am happy that I did not miss the show.
Georgia, 8, Woking

It was brilliant, It had everything, a little bit of comedy, romance, adventure fantasy and sci-fi. Not to mention how beautiful Billie looked!
Patrick, 11, London

It was absolutely amazing. I couldn't leave my seat. The blistering faces was a bit gross but I like it like that. The trailer for next week was awesome. Bring on episode 2.
Tobias, 13, Jersey

I'm sorry but it is just so pointless, boring and stupid. How can anyone like it?
Elies, 15, Woking

It was fantastic!! I didn't think it could be any better than the last series but totally was! Rose and the Doctor were so sweet together, I can't wait for next week!
Emily, 13, London

Fantastic, well worth the wait.
Michael, 14, Isle of Man

It needs to be set on different planets apart from Earth in different years.
Steve, 11, Solihull

AMAZING AMAZING!!! I actually quite like the 'new' Doctor!!
Shona, 13, Bedford

The new Doctor is better than the last one. We have a winner.
Ella, 10, London

This Doctor Who episode was not as good as the last. Bring back the scarf and the Daleks.
Lea, Barry

This very first episode was scarier than the first episode in the first series! It was what I expected! David Tennant is great comedy actor and he's my hero! Keep up the good work David and Billie!
Geo, 14, Tallington

Doctor Who is the worst programme on Earth. SORRY!
Hannah, 10, Flintshire

It was the scariest yet! I had nightmares all night and even was EASTER! The return of the enemy, Cassandra, was a real good twist and I can't wait for the next program. Five stars from me!
Polly, 11, London

I like Doctor Who because it's amazing how they make the monsters look so real. I also like it because it's funny.
Lara, 7, Hatfield

I was torn whether to watch Harry Potter instead, but I'm glad I choose Doctor Who!

I saw the sneak peek on next week's Doctor Who. I haven't seen it but I couldn't sleep - the werewolf was so terrifying!
Emily, 12, Camberley

All I have to say is the was hilarious!!!
Beca, 12, Bangor

The new series is ace! David Tennant is brilliant - he does something with his eyes that makes him scary and funny, especially when Rose and The Doctor are flirting.
Cati, 12, Aberdeen

One of my best friends is mad about Doctor Who, and so I said I would watch it. It was brilliant!
Daisy, 13, Plymouth

It was great. I really enjoyed it - especially the end. Chip was really cool and I liked it when Cassandra went into the Doctor.
Jess, 11, London

Load of rubbish! It's so boring! I'd never watch it!
Jade, 11, Widnes

Cassandra was weird but I hated those freaky dead people. I was hiding behind my sofa - AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Isabella, 8, Belmont

Loved it. Gave David and Billie a chance to show off what they can really do. David so far has filled the big shoes that Chris left to fill :D
Layla, 15, Dunstable

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! It's my fave one so far! There were LOADS of funny bits, like when Cassandra kept on changing into Rose and the Doctor. I'm glad Cassandra got a happy ending, even if she was bad! I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan, and I can't wait to see the next one!
Rosie, 9, Newbury

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I didn't think that the opening show would have me on the edge of my chair! BRILLIANT!
Jessica, 12, Essex

I think the new series is great. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I think the old doctor was better but the new doctor will turn out just as good.
Ailsa, 12, Dumfries

If Episode 1 was anything to go by this new series is just going to get better and better.
Jonathan, 15

My favourite bit was when Cassandra was in Rose's body and she said ''Oh my... I'm a chav!''
Rosi, 12, Loughborough

My God, David Tennant is brilliant. He was HILARIOUS. I think he makes a great Doctor. Plus that added fact that he is gorgeous beyond belief...
Ros, 15, Cheltenham

It was good but it got boring so I think you just need more jumpy bits.
Summer, 11, Bridgend

Started to watch it but then my 2 year old sister demanded I read her a story!
Phoebe, 13, London

I really enjoyed it. I was glad Cassandra got a happy ending, it was a really good twist for the end.
Hannah, 8, Birmingham

It was very good, although some of my friends watched Harry Potter instead!
Katie, London

it was gr8 - the new Doctor is much better!

David Tennant is a great actor, but better as a villain.
Amy, 15, Wales

Wow - what a fabulous episode! Cassandra in Rose's body and also in the Doctor's was a really funny moment - and now I can't stop quoting the line "I'm beating out a samba"!
Claire, 12, Wiltshire

I thought it was all right but not as good as I hoped it would be. I preferred the old Doctor in the last series to the new Doctor! I thought the kissing part was sick but the cats were good!
Hafsa, 12, Ilford

I wasn't very impressed. I think that the problem was solved too quickly. It should of been twice as long with maybe some failed rescue attempts.
Thomas, Wokingham

At least it wasn't as 'lovey-dovey' as the last series. Bring on the thrill!
Gregory, 11, Southampton

Me and my mum watched I and we didn't move until it had finished. I would also say it was one of the best episodes yet.
Jack, 12, Haverfordwest

The kiss was gross and the warts were disgusting!
Khadijha, 13, Hounslow

I thought it was brilliant, I can't wait for the next one. I think David Tennant is the best doctor so far.
Jasmine, 15, Brighton

I thought it was a good start to the new series and it was great to see the return of Cassandra and the Face of Boe. The ending was excellent and moving and shows that Doctor Who is a great drama as well as being a great sci-fi cult!
Jack, 13, Nottingham

I thought it was really good! It wasn't as scary as reviews said and it was quite funny as well.
Vicky, 13, Haddenham

Doctor Who is sooooooo Zzzzzzzzz!
Aimz, 13, Frimley

I thought it was brill! I couldn't believe it when I looked at clock and it was 8pm already. I can't wait till next Saturday!
Katy, 12, Edinburgh

David Tennant is amazing as the Doctor! I loved the episode!
Kath, 15, London

I loved Doctor Who and thought all the characters were made really well - especially the cat matrons.
Stefanie, 14, Liverpool

The blistering faces were gross but the kiss between Rose and the Doctor was sweet. I loved it!
Tim, 13, Reading

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