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Last Updated: Saturday April 15 2006 15:26 GMT

Kids' pocket money levels go down

There has been a drop in the amount kids receive for pocket money, although they still aren't doing badly with the average child getting 8.20 a week.

This marks a 17% drop on last year's figures, but it's probably much more than your parents remember getting.

London kids got the biggest pay-outs, with an average of 11.71 a week, compared to an average of 6.30 a week in Wales, where levels were lowest.

Researchers interviewed 1,166 children aged seven to 11 to get these figures.

Six out of 10 kids said they had to earn their pocket money by doing jobs around the home - such as tidying up and cleaning chores.

Two-thirds of kids said they spent their cash on sweets, crisps and chocolate, but buying clothes, phones and DVDs were also popular ways of splashing out.

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