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Last Updated: Saturday April 15 2006 14:36 GMT

What are your plans for Easter weekend?

A rabbit and some bunny-shaped chocolates
It's Easter bumper bank holiday weekend and we're wondering what you are getting up to!

Are you going out for an exciting day trip, or will you be sitting in front of the telly scoffing all your Easter eggs?

Or maybe you are having a family day or going to church?

Perhaps you're celebrating a different festival like Vaisakhi?

Whatever your plans are, e-mail and let us know.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Playing a a lot of tennis because I have a big tournament on Tuesday.
Alex, 11, Stockport

Definitely watching Doctor Who and eating chocolate. My birthday supply has nearly gone already
Ellie, 13, Leeds

I'm going to buy my 3 pet rabbits an Easter treat each.
James, 10

Not much, and it's only the beginning of the holiday here. I'm so bored already!
Angharad, Wales

My family is coming over for Easter and me and my cousin are gonna have an Easter egg hunt.
Christina, 11

Nothing but revising for my KS3 Sats!
Jobhan, Birmingham

I'm going to be eating lots of Easter eggs and watching the brand new series of Doctor Who.
Jonathan, 14, Croydon

I'm going up to stay at our friends' house in Devon which is the perfect place to do egg rolling.
Ivy, 12, Oxford

I think I might organise an Easter egg hunt for me and my friends in my garden. Good excuse to eat even MORE chocolate and see my friends!
Sarah, 13, Newbury

I am staying at home and just rolling Easter eggs down the stairs and eating Easter eggs until me and my brother are sick!
Ellen, 9, Dundee

I will have a lot of Easter eggs, do an Easter egg hunt, eat Easter eggs, watch a movie, eat Easter eggs, play games, eat Easter eggs, watch Newsround, eat Easter eggs, spend time with my family and did I mention I was going to eat Easter eggs?!?!
Chloe, 9, Stockport

I might go out with my family on Sunday but other than that I'll just be watching TV, doing homework and playing my guitar.
Katy, 12, Edinburgh

I'm going to eat a lot of chocolate!
Kate, 15, Essex

I'm going to Mexico to celebrate Easter!
Sam, 14, Belfast

I'm having my cousins come down from Somerset and we be having a Easter egg hunt and see the rest of the family - you're never to old for an Easter egg hunt!
Kerry, 15, Luton

My aunt and uncle are coming down from the north, and the weekend after, my other aunt's coming over from Canada!
Alice, 11, London

Chill...what else is for it?!
Elena, 14, Glasgow

I'm eating my Easter eggs I get from off my mum and dad and then I'm going to my Nan's for a Easter egg hunt.
Hannah, 11, Hemel Hempstead

I am going to my dad's and having lots of fun eating chocolate with my family. And it is my dogs second birthday too!
Eloise, 13, Salisbury

I'm staying at home, and we might have our traditional Easter egg hunt (with little chocolate eggs) around our house and garden!
Mick, 13, Drofmats

I am going to my gran's and me and my brother and my mum are going skiing!
Emily, 13, Scaynes Hill

I'm eating lots of choccie eggs! Yum Yum!
Jivan, 12, Leeds

I'll be eating Easter eggs all day and then probably feel sick with too much chocolate...OH WELL!
Joe, 12, Cambridgeshire

I'm just going to stay in with my family and (hopefully) eat lots of Easter eggs and watch a movie!
Emily, 12, Maidstone

I'm going to my aunt's and me and my cousins are having an Easter egg hunt!
Megan, 11, Sheffield

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