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Last Updated: Saturday April 15 2006 11:29 GMT

I play tchoukball!

You may not have heard of it but tchoukball is the fastest handball sport in the world.

And it's starting to become a popular sport in Britain too.

Press Packer Claire loves playing the game and in her report she gives us the lowdown on this unusual sport.

"I play tchoukball - which got its name because that's the sound the ball makes when it hits the frame.

Tchoukball is played in teams.

There are three main positions - the shooters, who score, the centre pivots who keep the ball moving and the inners who play in defence.

You pass, then shoot - throwing the ball at one of the frames.

It doesn't matter which one, you can score at either end.

Number three!

To score points, you hit the ball at a frame
To score points, you hit the ball at a frame
To get a point, the ball must bounce back outside the semi-circle - without being caught by the rival team.

There are also some important rules, most of them based on the number three!

You're only allowed to hold the ball for three seconds. During that time you move three steps.

And your team's only allowed three passes before they have to shoot.

New sport

Tchoukball's unusual, that's why I like it.

It's a non-contact sport and there's no tackling, so you're less likely to get injured.

It's also quite a new game.

Tchoukball was only invented around 30 years ago.

Now, Great Britain has its own team and competes in world tournaments.

It might sound a complicated sport but you'll find tchoukball's fun if you give it a go."

Claire, 12, Hampshire

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