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Last Updated: Wednesday April 12 2006 08:23 GMT

Quiz: Doctor Who - Series One

Doctor and Rose

Question 1

What's the name of the department store where Rose works?

A: Henrys
B: Henriks
C: Henrattys

Question 2

What's the name of the small blue being in The End of the World?

A: Moxx of Balhoon
B: Max of Balloon
C: Mickey of Balham

Question 3

Which historical figure features in episode three - The Unquiet Dead?

A: George Stephenson
B: Queen Victoria
C: Charles Dickens

Question 4

How long does the Doctor tell Rose she's been gone from her own time in Aliens of London?

A: 12 hours
B: 900 years
C: About 30 seconds

Question 5

In the episode World War Three, how are the Slitheen destroyed?

A: They fart themselves to death
B: In a missile strike on Downing Street
C: The Tardis squashes them flat

Question 6

What names does Henry van Statten use for his Dalek?

A: Metal Mickey
B: Metaltron
C: Metal-zoid

Question 7

What's the creature that lives on the ceiling of Floor 500 in The Long Game?

A: Emperor Dalek
B: Mighty Jagrafess
C: Cyber Controller

Question 8

In Father's Day, what does the Doctor tell Rose not to touch?

A: Her father
B: The Tardis console
C: Herself as a baby

Question 9

The what do the people in gas masks say in The Empty Child?

A: "Are you my Mummy?"
B: "Can I have another sweetie?"
C: "Read me a bedtime story."

Question 10

In The Doctor Dances, what does the Doctor realise has escaped from the crashed capsule?

A: Nanogenes
B: A ghostly gas creature
C: A baby Slitheen

Question 11

What's the name used by the Slitheen in Boom Town?

A: Nancy
B: Margaret
C: Gwyneth

Question 12

In Bad Wolf, what's the TV show that the Doctor first finds himself starring in?

A: The Weakest Link
B: What Not to Wear
C: Big Brother

Question 13

What's the Doctor's last word in the episode The Parting of the Ways?

A: Gallifrey
B: Madrid
C: Barcelona

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