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Guides: Kickboxing

Last Updated: Friday April 07 2006 17:34 GMT

What are the rules?

In a tournament there are two types of sparring - points fighting and continuous.

In a points fighting round the sparring stops and starts again after a point is awarded.

In a continuous round there are no points awarded. Instead the referee selects the winner who has got the most kicks and punches in. Apart from that, the rules are the same.

Sparring lasts for 90 second and the person with the most points - or the first contestant to get seven points - wins.

Points are awarded for the following:

A punch or kick to the tummy or chest - 1 point

A punch to the head - 1 point

A kick to the head - 2 points

The rules state you only punch and kick above the waist and you can only score points for a punch or kick to the front of the body, the side of the head or the face.

The back of the body, the top of the head, the arms and the shoulders are out of the scoring zone and you can't use your elbows or knees.

Guide to Kickboxing

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