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Last Updated: Thursday April 06 2006 13:01 GMT

Quiz: Bird flu


Question 1

Name the strain of bird flu that experts are concerned about

A: H5N1
B: H2O

Question 2

This strain is being described as "pathogenic". What does pathogenic mean?

A: Only affecting birds
B: Disease-causing
C: Spreads to other countries

Question 3

What type of bird was the one found in Scotland which has put Britain on bird flu alert?

A: Sparrow
B: Chicken
C: Swan

Question 4

When did the current bird flu crisis start?

A: 2000
B: 2003
C: 2005

Question 5

Which of these countries has not been hit by bird flu?

A: Kazakhstan
B: Sweden

Question 6

How many courses of drugs have been stored up in the UK to combat a potential bird flu outbreak?

A: 1.46m
B: 14.6m
C: 146m

Question 7

Which was the first area to confirm cases of bird flu?

A: South America
B: South-East Asia
C: Northern Europe

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