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Last Updated: Wednesday April 12 2006 16:52 GMT

Eoin Colfer talks about his UK tour

Poster for Eoin Colfer's tour Artemis Fowl, Fairies, Fiends and Flatulence
Children's writer Eoin Colfer is taking his teenage criminal mastermind, Artemis Fowl on a tour of the UK.

The author will be combining story-telling with stand-up comedy in a one-man show called Fairies, Fiends and Flatulence.

Eoin talked to Newsround about being a teacher, author and now stand-up comedian.

Where did the idea for this one-man tour come from?
It was my publisher's idea. They realised my events were more like theatre than readings and so decided to market it that way. I hope it works out for us, I really do.

If you had to choose between being an author or a stand-up comedian, which would you choose?
Author, every time. When you're a writer, being funny is a bonus. If I was a stand-up comedian I would have to be hilarious every day. That's a lot of pressure.

How does writing a stage show compare with writing a book?
I only do points for a stage show - I have a general outline and then I see where the evening goes. The more receptive an audience is, the more I jump about.

Do you get nervous performing on stage?
I get extremely nervous, every single time. I think it is a good thing to be a little nervous, but I sometimes feel as though I am going to collapse.

What kind of teacher were you and do you ever miss it?
I was a primary school teacher, and even though I do not miss the grading and writing notes, I do miss the actual teaching and my comrades on the staff.

How much of the tour is based on the Artemis Fowl books?
A lot. I try to trace the evolution of the various characters through my own family. I don't know how my family are going to feel about that.

Do you need to be a fan of the Artemis Fowl books to enjoy your show?
Absolutely not. The show is self contained, but having said that I think the fans will probably get more of the references that I won't have time to explain.

What do you hope people will think of your show?
I hope they will have a laugh, and maybe go home and write a story themselves. A fun evening out for all, with, hopefully, nothing thrown at the writer.

The tour will be taking place on the following dates:

Saturday 8 April, Cardiff Sherman, 5.30pm
Sunday 9 April, Leeds WYP, 2.00pm
Monday 10 April, Manchester Royal Exchange, 2.30pm
Tuesday 11 April, Wycombe Swan, 7.00pm
Wednesday 12 April, Glasgow Citizens Theatre, 7.00pm
Thursday 13 April, Bath Theatre Royal, 2.30pm
Friday 14 April, Guildford Yvonne Arnaud, 2.30pm
Saturday 15 April, Liverpool Everyman, 3.00pm, 7.00pm

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