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Last Updated: Saturday April 08 2006 12:47 GMT

Kids go to school in Easter hols

Boy studying
School is the last thing many kids are thinking about in the Easter hols, but a group of children in Northampton are spending part of the break in classes.

They're going to extra lessons to get ready for their Sat tests - which have to be done by kids in England's state schools to see how they are getting on.

Some people think the holiday-time classes are bad, because they show the pressure kids and teachers are under.

The school's headteacher said they were about giving kids "the best chances".

The three-day holiday classes were offered to all 25 children in their final year at Thorplands Primary, with 20 of them taking up the lessons.

The 10 and 11-year-olds have learned about wildlife, storytelling and even how to juggle in the lessons.

Sats were designed to plan kids' future learning.

The exams help make "league tables" - where schools are ranked depending on how well their kids did.

A teachers' union spokesman said he had "real concerns about the extra workload on teachers and the extra pressure on pupils and staff".

What do you think about this story? Would you give up your hols to go to school?

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Your comments

I don't think it is stupid because I think it is good that kids want to study in the Easter holidays. It just shows they want to get a good grades in what they do.
Kristina, 14, Bedfordshire

When I did my SATs I had to go into school to do revision and all of my year have to go in on Monday to revise for our GCSE exams.
Hannah, 15, Sunderland

Easter holidays is a time for a break not studying so I think this is just stupid.
Jess, 11, Bulkington

I think going to school in the Easter holidays is stupid because school pupils like me deserve a break from lessons and people look forward to Easter and the chocolate and presents. I would refuse to go to school during Easter.
Ben, 12, Whitehill

I am going to do my SATs and I really think it is a good idea. But I also really think we deserve a break.
Sadia, 11, London

I think that it is a silly idea because Easter is our time away from school and teachers unless kids want extra lessons then they shouldn't be made to. Also this shows the teachers are worried Y6's are going to do badly in their tests after weeks of revising.
Leah, 10, Lincoln

I do think that the teachers had good intentions, but what are holidays for??
Sarah, 11, Wigan

When I was 11 I had to have some booster classes in the Easter hols and weekends and after school to prepare for my SATs. They were nothing like normal school and they were quite fun. We had break time and food and we were in small groups depending on our ability. They were really helpful and they are not that bad once you have tried it.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

I think it is silly for children to go to school in the holidays because it shows that the teachers are worried that the kids will do badly in their SATs and that they haven't taught them properly. Also SATs are to see how much the kids have learnt, not to make sure they get full marks!
Mezza, 12, London

Kids are revising really hard for Highers and standard grades at the moment so I think it would be a really good idea, but you should get a choice.
Nairi, 12, Lerwick

Schools only put all this pressure on us because it effects the league tables. My school do booster classes after school, and they act as if they're doing us a favour.
Alice, 11, London

I think it is wrong. Kids have holidays for a rest and to refresh their brains, not to make them work even harder.
Lizi, 11, Birmingham

I'm going into school voluntarily for a few days in the Easter holidays to finish my music coursework and my exam piece for drama and I think it's a good idea, as long as the kids WANT to do it.
Ashlie, 15, Atherton

We are having a class in the Easter holidays as well but ours is for the under-achieving pupils. This is good because it may just push a pupil up a level as everyone is wanting to get the best level they can achieve, but it is also important because the SATS we are doing depends on what sets we get put in to for our GCSE's.
Ehsin, 14, Halifax

I think that is so stupid because you should be able to spend Easter with your family not in school!
Katie, 12, Flint

I think it's terrible that primary school children are being asked to give up there holidays for revising. Revising should be saved for more important exams like standard grades or GCSE. It would be better if SATs didn't exist.
Stella, 13, Edinburgh

I think it is alright if you have the choice. Personally I wouldn't choose it but I know some people who would.
Megan, 12, Aylesbury

I went to this revision camp and it was fab. Everybody was wearing their orange tops and me and my mates really enjoyed it.
Abbie, 11, Northampton

My school did that. I went to Maths revision lessons for the first two days of my holidays. I found them really worthwhile and I learnt a lot. More than I usually do in lessons! And we got the choice to come in or not.
Kristina, 14, London

I think that it's an excellent idea for those who would like more for there SATs. I wish that they could do that at my school.
Bethany, 11, Dorset

I wouldn't mind because I like going to school.
Melody, 12, Belfast

I'm already worried about SATs and struggling and if kids go to school in the Easter holidays it makes me feel like I need more help than before!
Olivia, 11, Brighton

I don't think that it's such a big deal I have to come in for my GCSE's and it gives you a chance to get some extra revision in.
Rachel, 15, Merthyr Tydfil

I'm doing SATs this year and I think that extra classes are a good idea, but not during holidays. We have them at breaktimes and I think schools should just limit pupils to revising in the holidays.
Eve, 10, Normanton

I think it is a really bad idea because my sister is doing SATs and she's finding it torture.
James, 9, Sheffield

I don't mind going to revision sessions because this is the best opportunity to get help from teachers and boost your knowledge. I go to revision sessions, it's only for four days so I still can enjoy my holidays.
Shalini, 13, London

Well I think that it isn't a good thing that some children have to spend time having extra classes during the holidays because holidays are supposed to be a break from school and work.
Thalia, 11, Leeds

I think it's a good idea. Not only does it give us more revision for tests, it also gives extra education to children who have trouble learning.
Frances, 10, London

I think that going back to school in the holiday for SATs is a really stupid idea. The tests are not even that important, if it was for GCSEs or A-levels then I could understand.
Mattea, 12, Ipswich

The idea is terrible. The school holidays are for a rest not to do more work!
Beth, 12, Brighton

I think it's a great idea! It's only for three days and I would want to revise at school rather than to drag all my school books back home.
Priyanka, 11, Woodford Green

I think it is wrong for kids to go to school in the Easter hols. They have the holidays so they can rest, and have a break from work.
Emma, 13, Kent

The idea is terrible. The school holidays are for a rest not to do more work. Sort yourselves out!
Lorna, 13, West Sussex

I think that revision is very important, and some of the Easter holiday time should be given up to do a bit of revision, but not all of it. Getting away from school work is important as well, to give your brain a rest.
Charlie, 11, Malvern

My school is doing that too! I think it'll help us a lot, but it's really nice of the teachers, to come and give up part of their holiday for us.
Anand, 14, Leicester

I think this is a good idea because when I was doing my SATS I managed to revise but I kept getting distracted by things. Although I think it would be a better idea to do it for GCSE students because study leave has no guarantee anyone will actually revise.
Sarah, 15, Chester

I think this is a really good idea! My school are doing it but I haven't been chosen.
Jobhan, 14, Birmingham

I think it's really unfair - kids need a break from school whether there are Sats or not. Besides, it's not fair if some schools get extra help and others don't.
Carla, 10, Newcastle

I'm going to Easter school too. I want to get a high grade in my KS3 SATs in may and the revision classes will help!
Joe, 13

I'm in year 8 and when we were in year 6 we went into school during the Easter holiday to revise more, for about 2 or 3 hours every day during 1 week of the break. it was fun not pressurising.
Amy, 13, Manchester

I don't think it's a good idea for 10-11 year olds. It puts them under too much pressure. But I'm going to school for study sessions during my Easter holidays as I have my GCSEs coming up and I can get extra help.
Maria, 15, Middlesex

I think it's ridiculous to make kids go to school in the holidays, everybody needs a break.
Erica, 11, Poole

It's up to children if they want to do it, so of course it's not a bad thing.
Nowrin, 12, Nottingham

My secondary school did the same thing. After the first day, I found it really boring.
Sanchay, 14, Ilford

I would never give up my holidays for school. We don't get many holidays so we don't want to be spending time doing schoolwork.
Nicky, 13, London

I can't believe that anyone would actually want to give up their free, fun time to do boring old school work!
Rizwan, 11, London

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