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Last Updated: Saturday April 08 2006 13:26 GMT

What are your top audition tips?

Young ballet dancers practicing
Hundreds of hopefuls have been busy queuing for the first of the His Dark Materials auditions.

The search is on for the girl who'll play Lyra Belacqua in the film adaptation of the award-winning books.

So, if you were auditioning for a part what would your top tips be?

Maybe you've been to loads of auditions before and have a trick which helps you not get too nervous?

If you are singing and dancing do warm-up exercises help you prepare?

Perhaps you've had a part in a school play, but how did you learn your lines?

Or do you reckon that it's better not to know what to expect before you audition?

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

Be confident and be yourself, but don't be cocky as people don't like arrogance.
Florrie, 13, Gloucestershire

Well, I haven't auditioned for anything but I think you should just be yourself and it's OK to be nervous.
Sophie, 12, Henley

It's obviously good to stand out because, at the end of the day, only one person will get the part. However don't be cocky or full of yourself because the producers won't like you.
Emily, 13, Oxford

My top audition tip is to stay calm.
Carly, 12, London

If you get nervous I think that is a good sign because that means you are going to concentrate!
Geo, 14, Tallington

My tip is to smile!
Becki, 12, Sheffield

I think you need to relax and enjoy it because the chances are that the judges are looking for a confident interested person.
Eloise, 13, Salisbury

Emilia, 12, Kendal

My tip is to not try to be someone else - just be yourself and if they don't like you who cares! I've been invited to an audition for a part and it is on Friday!
Maria, 12, London

Just imagine that no-one else is in the room with you and be yourself. That helped me.
Sophie, 8, Doncaster

I think you should be calm in an audition and just be yourself. Don't be upset if you don't get the part, as it's not the end of the world. And if you do get the part, be really proud of yourself. It's a great achievement!
Annabelle, 12, London

Relax, the worst thing is to get nervous. And, especially if your speaking or singing, take water with you!
Charli, 11, Leicester

Practice a lot but don't try to do it all at once. Also the night before just let yourself relax, don't worry you know it!
Emillie, 13, London

I'm going to the Lyra auditions in Oxford so all of this advice is really good! My best tip is to be yourself and try and stay calm. Plus, remember that although there are millions of girls auditioning someone has to get picked!
Molly, 11, Waterlooville

Forget about being you for a day and think about the character. Believe you are the character. Be the character!
Laura, 12, Bucks

If you have a nice relaxing bath then read a story in bed then settle down it helps.
Niamh, 10, Newcastle

I've auditioned for lots of things and I found that you should just be yourself!
Holly, 9, Brighton

I have my lucky charms and of course my mum, so what I say is to not only be yourself but to believe in yourself. Confidence is key!
Kimberley, 13, Nottingham

Be yourself but louder, that's what I say! I was far too quiet at my last audition and I believe it to be the reason I didn't get through.
Laura, 14, Cheshire

In acting auditions make sure you are comfortable with the piece you are performing. You have to become the character and make they believe that you can get into any part so act natural and don't dress over the top or do anything to your appearance. They want to see how good your acting is not what you look like. PLUS, the most important thing is to relax and enjoy it because it is a once in a life time chance!
Sophia, 12, London

I think you should wear clothes that stand out and just be confident and yourself!
Samantha, 14, Oxford

My top tips on doing an audition is to be yourself.
Sapheena, 14, Rochdale

I normally get really nervous at auditions but now I've realised there is no point. Just take a breath and relax!
Tulsi, 12, Walsall

Sing like no one's listening. Dance like no one's watching!
Charlotte, 13, Edgware

Remember that it is nothing more than an experience until you get the part. Enjoy yourself, have some fun. Get some pretty good rest the day before and take a bottle of water with you.
Ryana, 12, USA

I am going to the Lyra auditions in Kendal on Thursday and I cannot wait! I have been told to just be myself and not be too worried about it and that it's ok to be nervous.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

I actually think that a bit of nerves is good because it will make you want to spend more time revising lines. But on the day I like to do some deep breathing to calm me down.
Amber, 14, London

Be clear and confident, be yourself and try to keep calm are my top tips!
Jessiqua, 14, Gravesend

My best tip is to NEVER BE NERVOUS! Calm down be yourself, there's nothing to be afraid of. Most importantly ENJOY!
Mathu, 14, London

Be yourself and be positive! You never know, you might be lucky!
Angharad, 14, Wales

My tip is to keep a low profile and stay patient.
Charlie, 11, Bedfordshire

If you are bad at sight-reading just pretend no one is there when you read an extract from the book. Pretend you are practicing in your bedroom on your own. That way you won't be so nervous!! I'm going to the Oxford Lyra auditions!
Laura, 12, Bucks

My tip is put yourself in the characters shoes and smile and let your personality flow when you're speaking so you show you're fun and great to work with!
Meggie, 11, Manchester

Be confident and speak up loud with a smile on your face. Being quiet and looking at the floor wont get you anywhere.
Tessa, 11, Cambridgeshire

If you're nervous, just pretend the person auditioning you is wearing the most disgusting outfit in the world. Then they should be nervous - not you!
Milli, 12, Northwood

Just have fun and remember DON'T GET STRESSED!
Hannah, 11, Reading

Go with your gut and try not to panic, I know it sounds strange but try not to think about what it is you have to do, just do it. It will seem more natural. Be yourself!
Sophie, 15, Battle

Don't be nervous!!! That will make you mess up!
Eimhear, 12, Downpatrick

The best acting auditioning tip I could give is to say your lines with the right emotion straight away, and if necessary, pretend no-one else is watching you. It really helps!
Emily, 12, Maidstone

Don't think about the big day too much. Rehearse as much as you can so that you yourself feel that you're ready. The night before the audition get lots of sleep. It's not a good thing to turn up with bags under your eyes!
Daniel, 14, London

My tip is to keep focused and just have fun. I went to a dance audition and I was in the top 30 but they only needed 20 girls.
Rachael, 12, Wickford

My bestfriend and I went to the Luna Lovegood casting. We had to queue for hours in the cold so my tip is to be patient and wear warm clothes!
Melissa, 14, Bedford

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