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Last Updated: Monday April 03 2006 12:27 GMT

Quiz: Robin Hood

Robin Hood - as seen on TV!

Question 1

According to legend, which forest did Robin live in?

A: Savernake
B: Sherwood
C: South Shields

Question 2

Which of these was not a member of his 'merry men'?

A: Friar Tuck
B: Big Sid
C: Little John

Question 3

It's possible that Robin Hood was based on a real man. When was he thought to have lived?

A: 1100-1300
B: 1500-1700
C: 1800-2000

Question 4

What is the famous saying about Robin?

A: 'He robbed the rich to feed the poor'
B: 'He could shoot a sparrow with his bow and arrow'
C: 'He wore a green hat and wasn't too fat'

Question 5

Who was his wife, according to legend?

A: Maid Mary
B: Maid Margaret
C: Maid Marian

Question 6

What was the name of the 1991 film about Robin?

A: Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
B: Robin Hood: Man Of The Forest
C: Robin Hood: The Robber Baron

Question 7

Which of these actors hasn't played Robin on the screen?

A: Sean Connery
B: Kevin Costner
C: Daniel Radcliffe

Question 8

What's the name of the actor who played Robin in the recent BBC One series?

A: Jethro Armstrong
B: Jonas Armstrong
C: Jerry Armstrong

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