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Last Updated: Saturday April 01 2006 12:29 GMT

Jokers out for April Fool's Day

Whales in swimming pool
Practical jokers were in their element on Saturday as they played pranks on April Fool's Day!

Here at Newsround we reckon a few of you may have been tricked by our story of whales in a school swimming pool.

And Sportsround fans, did you actually believe that David Beckham could really secretly be Scottish!?

But after midday it's time to 'fess up to all your hoaxes. So here are some of the jokes people across the UK have been using to fool others with today:

Newsround wasn't the only website to have a laugh with its readers.

Top Harry Potter sites Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet joined forces for one giant prank, pretending to merge the sites into one new one called The Leaky Mug.

Another website has been offering fake products such as the Desktop Tanning Centre, complete with "eyeball cover thingies" and a caffeine inhaler which promises "One puff and you'll have about two cups of coffee's worth of caffeine zooming through your blood stream."

The Sun newspaper decided to play on Londoners who are still recovering from the shock of seeing a whale in the River Thames.

They mocked up a photo of a penguin by the side of the river to look as if had also veered off track and ended up in the water!!

The Mail also decided to give its readers a laugh by claiming that Prime Minister Tony Blair had replaced his door in Downing Street with a red one - because that's the colour of his Labour party!!

And in other newspaper hoaxes The Express was reporting on a road made of biscuits while The Times claimed Chip and Pin was to be replaced by a 'Chip and Sing' voice recognition system for cashcards.

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