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Last Updated: Saturday April 01 2006 08:37 GMT

I play football - the Aussie way!

Press Packer Nick from Melbourne
Australian Rules Football, or Aussie Rules, is one of Australia's most popular sports.

It's quite different to football as we know it, so we got Press Packer Nick to explain to us how Aussie Rules is played.

"I play football, but it is not football as you know it. Football as I know it is Aussie Rules Football!

And even though we call it football, it's a bit more like rugby.

The rules

We can't just kick the ball. Every 15 metres we have to bounce it.

Also, in Aussie Rules, you can't throw the ball. You must hand pass it, striking it with your fist.

There are 18 players on each side and every match has four quarters which last 20 minutes each.

Goal scoring

The goal posts  that are used in Australian Rules Football
The goal posts that are used in Australian Rules Football
There are also two sets of goal posts.

If you score between the middle two posts you get six points.

And if you get a goal either side you score just one point.

My sport

I've been playing footie for eight years. My position is midfield.

At the moment I play for Cheltenham Juniors Football Club.

We have three practices a week.

Eventually I hope to play professionally for one of our top sides!"

Nick, Melbourne

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