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Last Updated: Saturday April 01 2006 11:02 GMT

Whales in the pool? APRIL FOOL!

Flim and Flam the beluga whales
So, did you believe our story about a couple of whales stopping a school's swimming gala? April Fool!

Today's 1 April - and we thought we'd see if we could catch any of you out with our rather fishy story of two whales found in a school pool.

We even left a few clues for you smart readers - like Flim-flam, another word for a lie, and St Jonah's - Jonah was swallowed by a whale in the Bible.

And Mr Bill Igfish: B-Igfish. We really hope you spotted that one!

And for the more well read kids, there was Chief Inspector Herman Melville, author of whale catching adventure Moby Dick.

We reckon there's been a fair bit of trickery going on today - hope nobody managed to catch you out!!

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