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Last Updated: Friday March 31 2006 17:10 GMT

How do you feel about the way you look?

A girl looking in a mirror and putting on make-up.
Nearly three quarters of teenage girls want to change something about the way they look, according to a new survey.

And more of you than ever before are getting down about your appearance and considering plastic surgery.

But how do you feel about the way YOU look?

Do you need a big boost about your body image?

And are boys just as concerned as girls about how they look?

Are you always compare your image to models and celebrities?

Or when you look in the mirror are you satisfied with what you see?

E-mail and let us know your thoughts.

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Your comments

I think that it is not all about what you look like it is about what's inside! I'm happy the way I look but I don't think it is something that's really important!
Vikki, 13, Buckinghamshire

I feel fine about the way I look. Sure sometimes I want change the face I see in the mirror but I can't so I'm just learning to live with it and I have found that when you aren't always so hung up on how you look you get more out of life.
Kirsten, 13, Logansport

I'm happy with my body. Sometimes I still have hang ups about it but I don't let them get me down. You shouldn't let 'flaws' get to you, you need to realise that you are fine the way you are.
Sabrina, 14, March

I think that I look fine and we should all be proud of the way we look!
Clare, 12, Tamworth

I don't really care about what other people think of me when it comes to being fat or skinny. Everyone's different can't people understand that? I get SO annoyed when people tease me about having red hair. I CAN'T HELP IT!!! My Mum is forever going on about what a stronger person it will make me but somehow I don't believe her.
Kurt, 13, Horsham

People are always saying being thin is pretty but I find it hard to find clothes for my age.
Alice, 13, London

I think I'm really overweight. I feel really bad when I see all these slim people on TV. It really upsets me!
Bex, 11, Unknown

Everybody at my school is forever talking about being fat and ugly or spotty and it annoys me. Nobody is perfect, why waste your life wanting to be a different way? I'm happy, I'm not thin or pretty and I don't care.
Katherine, 11, Newcastle

I think that people should be proud of what they look like. Everyone is suppose to look different so don't worry about what people say, Love your body!
Vikki, 14, Dagenham

In primary school nobody was judged on their looks, but in secondary school people bully you because of your appearance. But it doesn't matter if you show them you don't care!
Sumaiyah, 12, Leicester

Sometimes I wish I do look prettier and like a supermodel but we all have to realise we all look special!
Rachael, 11, Manchester

As far as I'm concerned plastic surgery is a big NO NO. I don't think I look particularly great but I like it that way! Plastic surgery is dangerous because it can often go wrong. I also think models with curvy figures should be accepted and taken on - it would set a better example.
Berry, 11, Unknown

Some days are good days and some days are bad days, I always find something wrong with myself but you have to learn to accept the way you are.
Rianne, 14, Old Windsor

I try not to think about the way I look. I think that if people want to be my friend only because of the way I look then it says loads about them and what type of person they are.
Camilla, 13, Knowle

To be honest if I could change something about myself I'd be thinner and change the shape of my nose! But it's not that simple and I think you should appreciate what you have got and be happy with yourself.
Jess, 14, Barnsley

I like to look good but don't tend to get worked up about it really, which I think is a good thing!
Anastasia, 10, London

I used to be depressed about my weight and looks but then I started eating healthier and exercising and now I couldn't be happier!
Alana, 13, Edinburgh

I want to lose weight and be slimmer as people keep calling me fat, but I've seen people much fatter than me and they are not tormented. I am not exactly fat, I am just a bit chubby.
Anna, 15, London

I don't really mind how I look and there's nothing I'd really like to change other than being less spotty.
Louisa, 15, Oxford

I think your looks are nothing - it's about your personality.
Christina, 14, Gillingham

I don't care what I look like. My mum says "It's not what's on the outside, it's what on the inside" and "never judge a book by its cover" - words of wisdom!
Franchesca, 11, Pentwyn

I think we should be proud of the way we look because we are all beautiful in our own way!
Lisa, 10, Oldham

I'd like to change the fact that I'm real tall.
Holly, 11, Berkshire

I don't like my body at all but people shouldn't get themselves down by appearance - it's the inside that counts!
Hannah, 14, Watford

Bad - but it's mostly to do with the way the media says that 'most of the UK's children are obese'. I don't read magazines. But I would LOVE to be tall with curly ginger hair.
Madeleine, 13, Hildenborough

I think there is something wrong with a society where people hate their appearances. What is a perfect person? Most people who have had plastic surgery look so fake.
Laura, 15, Seaton

I'm not fat but I'm not that skinny. I'm ok with my figure, I just need to tone up a bit. The things I hate about the way I look include my hair (ginger) and my freckles, especially in the summer when they come out even more!
Kirsty, 14, Slough

I don't like the way I look as I am too thin! I would like too be a bit fat and I hate looking in the mirror. But we all have good days and we all have bad days you have too put up with it.
Keely, 14, Nottingham

I don't like the way I look most days, but I keep telling myself it could be worse!
Stephanie, 14, Edinburgh

I would consider plastic surgery and I know other people who would too.
Charlie, 10, Rainham

I love the way I look!
Matt, 13, Somerset

I sometimes fuss with my hair and I when I look into the mirror I feel like that I want to lose weight.
Ceri, 15, Cardiff

My friend Eleanor was anorexic and all my friends and I agreed never to be like that and so when we feel bad about our body image we tell each other and boost each others confidence. It also makes a healthy friendship!
Ellie, 13, Norwich

I always have to look nice and hate looking horrible. I also hate all of the spots on my face and wish they would go away! Everyone always takes the mick if they see my spots.
Katrina, 13, Haverhill

Sometimes I feel I'm too fat but all my friends tell me I'm not but I feel like they're lying to me as my best friend is skinny.
Danielle, 12, Northern Ireland

I am pleased with the way I look. I like my figure and everyone compliments me on it! But I don't really care how I look as long as me and my friends and my family are happy!
Rosie, 12, Unknown

I'm not completely happy with the way I look, but who is? I would never go as far as plastic surgery. I think if you've been in an accident and need reconstructive surgery, or if there are health issues that can be solved by surgery that's ok. I think the problem is that celebrities are always having surgery purely for cosmetic reasons and it sets a bad example to teenage girls.
Natalie, 15, Bristol

I don't like the way I look but I wouldn't have plastic surgery.
Zoe, 11, Redhill

I like my hair because I recently got highlights in it and I have a curved figure. I wouldn't want to change because it's who I am!
Chantel, 13, London

I don't like the way I look because I have spots.
Liberty, 13, Costa Del Sol

I think that all that matters about how you look is looking healthy and reasonably tidy. I think that you should feel happy with how you look.
Catheryne, 12, Oxford

I would love perfect hair and a nice tan!
Aimz, 13, Camberley

Girls, don't worry about what other people think because at the end of the day you are who you are!
Linzi, 12, Northern Ireland

Sometimes I fuss about my hair but apart from that I don't care. I am who I am and people better get used to it!
Rhiannon, 12, Salford

I am happy with the way I look and don't think that it would be good to plastic surgery. It is the person that you are that matters.
Rosalie, 12, Shepton Montague

Sometimes I look in the mirror and just think "I'm ugly!" But most of the time I'm happy with the way I look. I have curly hair...AND LIKE IT!!! One thing I would like to change about myself is to STOP BITING MY NAILS!!! I would never have plastic surgery though - no way!
Heather, 14, Houghton

I feel great about the way I am! I have had a brace but now I've had it taken off so my teeth are straight and I am tall with long legs. I am thin because I just don't stop growing! I think everyone should be happy the way they are!
Laura, 14, Cheshire

I have always been very satisfied by my looks but the only thing I don't like is my small tummy bulge! I would never get plastic surgery though!
Harriet, 12, London

I like the way I look because I've had a new hair cut!
Hannah, 10, Flintshire

I think that I could lose some weight but I like the way I look. Also I think I would like my hair to be straight not frizzy!
Marianne, 11, Kingsclere

I hate my nose! It is far too big and people are always making fun of it! I decided a long time ago that I want to have plastic surgery.
Kate, 14, Essex

I hate the way my hair is always knotted and curly so I spend hours trying to straighten it.
Laura, Leyland

I am fine with the way I look but I wouldn't mind been a little bit thinner.
Lauren, 10, Scotland

All my best mates are prettier than me so all the boys want to go out with them not me!
Sammi, 14, Chesham

Sometimes I do feel self conscious about the way I look but I don't really let it bother me. Everyone feels insecure about something and they don't let it get to them because we have good qualities too. It doesn't really matter what someone looks like as long as they are healthy.
Ally, 13, London

I swear I'm getting FATTER! But I wouldn't go on one of those creepy diets! I'm just going to exercise more!
Abigail, 10, Derby

I'm not bothered about how I look as long as I have friends I'm happy.
Lucy, 10, Cardiff

I would like my teeth to be straight and less goofy!! And I'd like to be a bit thinner but I would never have plastic surgery.
Amy, 12, Ipswich

I hate the way I look and I am always comparing myself to other people.
Hannah, 12, Unknown

I don't care about the way I look. It isn't about looks. I don't wear make-up, I am normal size and I don't see the need to get plastic surgery. You are born the way you are so be proud!
Angharad, 14, Wales

My friends all want to be supermodel size. I'm not thin but I like the way I look.
Jessi, 14, Crediton

I'm not surprised that people are feeling ugly because people are comparing themselves with some airbrushed picture on magazines and making us feel imperfect.
Sally, 14, Kent

I would like to be a bit thinner but that's because I'm a dancer.
Sally, 15, Birmingham

I am not as bothered about the way I look as people starve themselves to lose weight. But I think spots are really annoying!
Ellie, 13, Leeds

I'm not too bothered about the way I look but I wouldn't mind being a bit skinnier. Other than that my personality makes up for it!
Terri, 13, Winsford

I think I am really ugly so I want to get plastic surgery when I'm older.
Phoebe, 11, London

I really wish that my teeth were straighter so that I don't have to get a brace soon. I also have acne and it's soooo annoying!
Claudia, 14, Russia

I don't like that people make fun of my colour.
Natasha, 10, London

I'm happy with how I look but loads of my mates want to be thinner. I think adverts should use more normal people so we don't feel so much pressure to be perfect.
Caitlin, 14, Aberdeen

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