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Last Updated: Friday March 31 2006 10:01 GMT

Eclipse provides spectacular show

This was the view from Turkey
There was a spectacular show in the sky on Wednesday when the moon passed in front of the sun.

The happening - called an eclipse - saw the moon partially cover the sun from the UK, but the sun was completely covered in other parts of the world.

The total eclipse was visible from Africa, Turkey and Central Asia. It made everything go dark in the daytime.

The sun finished its journey in sunset along Mongolia's northern border at 11.48am British time.

Astronomers from US space agency Nasa and Britain's Royal Institute of Astronomy joined thousands of skywatchers to view the phenomenon from an ancient Roman site in Turkey.

"It's one of those experiences that makes you feel like you're part of the larger universe," said a Nasa spokesman.

In the UK, overcast weather ruined many people's hopes of seeing the event.

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Your comments

We got to see it through the inner part of a floppy disc. The sun appeared red and the moon looked yellow. It was really cool!
Veronica, 13, Malta

I didn't get to see the eclipse because it was sooooo cloudy but I'm going to watch it on TV!
Julia, 12, London

My dad is in the north of India at the moment and he called us and said he saw the eclipse! Lucky him!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

My teacher took us outside to see the eclipse. We put a small hole in a piece of paper and looked. It was great, the moon just covered a corner of the sun. Then our teacher taught us a bit about the eclipse.
Rebecca, 11, Todmorden

At break we rushed out to see it but we only saw the moon going towards the sun because the weather ruined it!
Amy, London

I saw the eclipse in physics!
Callie, 13, Turkey

It was overcast at school so I didn't see it.
Osnat, 10, London

I saw it in my back garden. My dad told me to wear sunglasses to see it.
Joe, Fareham

It was really cloudy and wet so we did not see anything.
Vicky, 14, Solihull

I'm really annoyed with my school because they put down the blinds so we couldn't look out the window! When I said there was going to be an eclipse my teacher said "That's a load of rubbish!".
Abigail, 10, Derby

At playtime at school we looked to see the eclipse but we didn't see it.
Scott, 11, Wallsend

I watched the eclipse today in my school and it was cool!
Alannah, 9, Enniskillen

I wish I wasn't in school when the eclipse was happening as they wouldn't let us out to watch it.
Julie-Ann, 14, Belfast

I just saw the eclipse an hour ago and it was really wonderful.
Emwanuella, 13, Ghana

Our teacher has told us about the dangers of looking directly at the sun so we are watching the eclipse on the interactive whiteboard in our classroom.
Duncton First School Juniors, Petworth

We watched the partial eclipse today in school. We used a pinhole projector. It was very exciting!
P.5 Pupils, 9, Enniskillen

I'm in school and we're waiting for the eclipse!
Michael, 11, Doncaster

I haven't seen it yet but I saw an eclipse before when I was in Year 6. We each had a turn looking through special glasses like the ones you wear at a 3D cinema.
Freya, 12, London

I am sitting watching out for the eclipse as I am off school because I have got mumps!
Jessica, 11, Hartlepool

I live in the south east but the sun's shining brilliantly here so I have my doubts about this apparent eclipse!
Chantal, 15, Sevenoaks

We've been learning about the eclipse at school and we're going outside to see if we can see it but our teacher thinks it is too cloudy for us to see it.
Honor, 11, Hampshire

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