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Last Updated: Tuesday March 28 2006 09:54 GMT

When do you put pen to paper?

A girl writing on paper with a pen
E-mails and texts are replacing writing and handwriting is on the way out, according to a survey.

The research shows that half of written communication is by e-mail, 29% by text message and only 13% by pen and paper.

So, when do YOU put pen to paper?

Maybe you only write when you're at school?

Or do you even do your school work on a computer?

Perhaps you like to scribble notes for your friends or do you prefer to chat with them by text?

Or do you still like to write and draw with a pencil or pen?

E-mail and let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

I never use pen and paper because I'm taught from home so I'm always on the computer.
Jader, 14, London

I put pen to paper at school or when I write to my pen pal. also I draw a lot but I do use the computer more now.
Ellie, 13, Salisbury

I used to write letters a lot, but now I prefer to text.
Courtney, 12, England

I use pencil and paper when drawing or doodling, or when I'm writing in one of my notebooks--for school or myself. I type most of my own stories on the computer, and essays and most writing for school are typed as well.
Miranda, 12, USA

I put pen to paper all the time, I draw, write, doodle, scribble loads! I have lots of notebooks and tons of pens at home - plenty to keep me busy!
Sophie, 11, Lytham

When I write letters to people in other countries, when I write out school work and when I do occasional homework. Other than that, I e-mail and send the occasional text message.
Natasha, 14, Essex

I love writing stories but usually do them on the computer. I usually just write in school. English is my favourite subject at school so writing essays for it is really fun!
Natalia, 14, London

I do loads of writing at school, especially in English. I also write loads of stories too, but I usually type these up on the computer.
Rosie, 13, Petersfield

I use a pen and paper a lot. To draw, write, take notes... Anything really! I don't think it's very good if people only use a pen and paper at school
Kellie, 12, Oxford

I use pen and paper for just jotting drafts and ideas out for stories, then type them up on the computer when I have time.
Miranda, 13, Chesterfield

My mates never have their mobs on, so no text really. E-mail...YES! And I sometimes send letters but no one ever sends one back!
Lily, 11, Essex

I use a pen and paper when I'm drawing or at school or home, writing stories or when I'm writing my diary.
Maryam, 11, Manchester

I usually write on the computer so I can listen to my music and use MSN at the same time.
Ellie, 12, Leeds

I use a pen and paper for work in class and at home, but also I have a pen to fiddle with when I am shy and in nervous situations, e.g. just before an exam.
Ellisa, 15, Liverpool

I mostly use paper at school but I also use it for when I am doing my homework and other things where I have to use a pen.
Ellan, 10, Norfolk

At home other than homework, NEVER!!!
Alex, 11, Stockport

I put pen to paper when doing my homework/coursework and when I need to. I also write to my pen-friend.
Angharad, 14, Wales

I do text but mostly write!
Amber, 8, Patcham

Everyday! At home and school!
Jobhan, 14, Birmingham

I use paper when I am at home mostly and also when I am doing my homework!
Kayne, 12, Chislehurst

I like to write stories about what happens at school. I have a notebook which is full of stories!
Lyds, 14, Essex

I use paper when I am doing my maths or English!
Sammy, 13, Somerset

I use a pen and paper to write letters to my pen pal in France instead of just emailing as it is more exciting to get a letter in the post!
Emily, 11, Wolverhampton

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