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Last Updated: Tuesday April 11 2006 17:07 GMT

I have an Asbo: Jason's story

Jason was given a five-year anti-social behaviour order when he was 13.

We've changed his name as he asked not to be identified.

He's now 15 and he told Newsround what difference having the Asbo has made to his life.

What sort of things did you used to do before you got the Asbo?

We were hanging around this church and used to get moaned at. We got blamed for throwing fireworks in wheelie bins and banging down a church wall with a crowbar, but we didn't do that, well I didn't anyway.

No one else got an Asbo apart from me, that was because everyone knew my name. They got me because they knew my name.

What was it like getting an Asbo?

I got a warning first. Then I got another warning, then went to court. It was a bit scary, going to court.

It says on the Asbo that I'm not allowed on certain streets and not allowed to hang about with certain people and they're not allowed to come near me.

What did your family and friends say about it?

My friends didn't say anything but my Mum said 'You'd better stop doing all those things now'.

What will happen if you break the conditions of your Asbo?

It says on the leaflet that you can get up to five years in prison. That's scary so I trying not to break it.

Do you think Asbos work?
I think that they do work but they don't if they're just given out for petty things.

What has happened to you since the Asbo?

Well I started cadets twice a week and go to the youth club so I don't have the chance to hang about. Before I had nothing to do so used to stay in the one place and get in trouble. Now I can go to the youth club and play pool, or PlayStation or watch TV.

I think everything will be OK in the future. I'll keep going to cadets and go to college and would like to get a job as a plumber.

What would you say to other kids?

Don't go the way that I went. Don't get into trouble because you'll get where I am, on an Asbo.

It can stop you hanging around as you want; it can stop you hanging about with your friends and even your family.

And now you've got a trophy, what's that for?

I got a trophy from the cadets for helping out in the community, raising money for our squadron so that we can go on trips and go flying.

It felt really good to be rewarded for something good.

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