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Last Updated: Friday March 24 2006 11:13 GMT

Loyal parrot saves man from fire

Merlin and Peter Taylor
A plucky parrot saved his deaf owner from a fire by running up and down his arm to alert him of the blaze.

Peter Taylor, from Yorkshire, had taken his hearing aids out and was asleep when the fire started, so Merlin, his African Grey parrot, raised the alarm.

Mr Taylor said he owed his life to magic Merlin, who has also learned to copy the sound of a smoke alarm.

Their home has since been fitted with special alarms by the fire service, so Merlin should be able to roost easy.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue say there are lots of alarms for people with hearing problems, which use flashing lights and vibrating pads.

Merlin has always been an enthusiastic fire warden, according to Mr Taylor.

"Sometimes when I'm cooking he'll come out with the noise," he said.

"I have to tell him that there isn't a fire and he'll stop doing it then. But he's got it perfect."

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