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Last Updated: Thursday March 23 2006 11:58 GMT

Quiz: Birds

A house sparrow

Question 1

Female blackbirds are usually brown. True or false?

A: True
B: False

Question 2

Some common garden birds like sparrows are protected by a special list. But whatís it called?

A: Blue List
B: Red List
C: Green List

Question 3

Which type of owl is mainly white with a heart-shaped face and brown back?

A: Tawny owl
B: Snowy owl
C: Barn owl

Question 4

Which garden birds are great mimics and can copy the sounds of other birds, frogs and even mammals?

A: Sparrows
B: Starlings
C: Blackbirds

Question 5

The Robin Redbreast was officially voted what in 1960?

A: Britainís Favourite Bird
B: Britainís Prettiest Bird
C: Britainís National Bird

Question 6

Which birds are said to steal bright, shiny things?

A: Magpies
B: Crows
C: Ravens

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