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Teachers: PSHE: Friendship

Last Updated: Thursday March 23 2006 10:22 GMT

Worksheet: 2020 vision - robot dinner ladies

Could robots be serving up school lunches?
Kids think that by 2020 robots will be serving up school lunch and eye scans will replace registers, according to a report.

Pupils were asked to look 15 years ahead and predict the top five changes technology would make to school life.

More than a third thought video conferencing would do away with the need to go to school at all.

Other ideas are that holograms will be used in teaching and bus drivers will be replaced by virtual drivers.

The survey of seven to 16-year-olds showed that children welcome new technology and its possibilities.

But despite advances in technology, child experts say that school will never be scrapped for remote learning because it's a place to interact and develop social skills.


1. According to a survey of children, who will be serving up school lunch in 2020?

2. What did they say would replace cash registers?

3. What did more than a third of the students interviewed say about video conferencing?

4. What do child experts think about the possibility of scrapping school in 15 years time?

5. What did they say would replace teachers?

6. What did children say would replace bus drivers?

A world without school

What would a world without school be like?

To help you describe it, answer these questions:

  • How would you learn?
  • What would you study?
  • Where would you study?
  • Who would help you?
  • How would you communicate with them?
  • When would you learn?

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