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Last Updated: Monday March 20 2006 08:53 GMT

Baby monkeys are stolen from zoo

Exmoor Zoo handout images of a black-eared marmoset (left) and a geoffroys (or white-fronted) marmoset
Thieves have broken into a zoo in Devon and taken rare animals including two four-week-old baby monkeys.

Experts are worried the black-eared marmoset monkeys won't survive, as they are very young and need special care.

The monkeys were stolen along with a pair of white-fronted marmosets, two pairs of parrots, a pair of cockatoos and a pair of Amazons.

Police say the break-in at Exmoor Zoo in Barnstaple happened in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The baby monkeys were taken from the only breeding colony in the UK.

They're an endangered species and usually live in the Amazon rainforest.


Zoo guide Danny Reynolds said: "Those two little babies are going to suffer. It's what is going to happen to them that worries me.

"Unless they are looked after by someone who knows how to care for them, they are going to die."

Police are investigating the theft.

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