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Last Updated: Saturday March 18 2006 10:53 GMT

New mate wanted for sad sea lion

Carus, who's pining after the death of his mate Dipsy.

A heart-broken sea lion at a Cornish sanctuary has been pining after the death of his long-term partner.

Animal carers now hope they can cheer up lonely Carus by finding him a new sea lion love.

Carus and his partner, Dipsy, who died earlier this month, had been together for more than 15 years.

Staff at the sanctuary at Gweek said the pair were inseparable and could often be found snuggled up together on the side of the pool.

Dipsy died from natural causes.

The sanctuary's Rachael Vine said staff were trying to keep him company as "he looks like he is missing something".

She said: "He really is pretty lonely at the moment, it's very sad for him to lose his partner after so many years."

Dipsy, whose full name was Serendipity, was born in 1981 and came to the sanctuary in 1989 where she and Carus, both Patagonian sea lions, had lived together ever since.