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Last Updated: Friday March 17 2006 08:20 GMT

How we're surviving the drought

Press Packer Naomi
Millions of people in East Africa are facing a serious drought.

Press Packer Naomi lives in Kenya, one of the affected countries. In her report she tells us how her family has managed to cope.

"There is a really bad drought in my country and loads of people are suffering. Although many families are hungry and thirsty, mine is ok, even though it hasn't rained for two years.

An organisation called BIDII, which is supported by Christian Aid, has taught us how to make the most of the water that we have.

We used to walk miles to get water, and we'd have to queue for ages, but now we have some wells so we can get water quickly. It's much cleaner than it used to be.

Saving water
Naomi used to use this pot to collect rainwater
Naomi used to use this pot to collect rainwater

My dad was also shown how to dig trenches. This loosens the soil so that it soaks up more water.

Because the plants are getting more water our crops have grown much better than other people's.

Amazingly our maize has grown, even though there hasn't been any rain recently.

Recycling water

My dad is teaching other people in our community about the new farming methods that he has learnt.

He tells them how to make the most of their water - for example after we've washed our dishes we purify the water and use it for the plants.

New skills

It's great that we know how to grow our own fruit and vegetables now.

I'd love to show children in the UK the avocado tree in our garden because I've heard that there aren't any avocado trees in England.

I'd also like to give them some of our passion fruit to try - they're my favourite!"

Naomi, 15, Kenya

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