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Last Updated: Wednesday March 15 2006 18:10 GMT

Quiz: Lyra Belacqua

Amber Spyglass is part of one of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials books

Question 1

Lyra's surname is Belacqua, but during the Dark Materials trilogy she is sometimes called something else. What is that other surname?

A: Silvertongue
B: Goldenteeth
C: Bellagirl

Question 2

What is the name of her daemon?

A: Byrnison
B: Pantalaimon
C: Kirjava

Question 3

Which college is she brought up in?

A: Jordan
B: Kings
C: Jericho

Question 4

Which one of Lyra's friends goes missing early in the first book?

A: Simon
B: Roger
C: Sam

Question 5

Who is her secret father?

A: Lee Scoresby
B: Lord Asriel
C: Alfredo Montale

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