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Guides: Water

Last Updated: Thursday March 16 2006 12:56 GMT

How can I help save water?

Dripping tap
Here's some water saving tips:
  • Use less water by turning the hot tap down, rather than the cold tap up, if you want cooler water.

  • Brushing your teeth with the tap running wastes almost nine litres a minute. Rinse your mouth out from a tumbler instead.

  • Cool water kept in the fridge means you won't have to run the tap for ages to get a cold drink.

  • Just taking a five-minute shower every day, instead of a bath, will use two thirds less water, saving up to 400 litres a week.

  • Kettles should be filled with enough water for your needs but not to the brim. This will reduce your fuel bills too.

  • Once a week is all the watering your lawn needs, even in the hottest weather. Over-watering can weaken your lawn by encouraging roots to seek the surface.

  • Tell your parents to get a water butt. It's a big barrel that collects rain water for you to use on your garden.

  • If you have a fish tank, you can make use of the dirty water produced when cleaning it by putting it on your houseplants. It's rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, which provides an excellent fertiliser.

  • Water your garden durring the coolest part of the day. That way less of the water will evaporate.

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