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Last Updated: Tuesday March 14 2006 17:08 GMT

Violence sweeps through West Bank

A jeep burns in Jericho

Violence has broken out across the West Bank, with attacks on British and American buildings.

The trouble started when Israeli troops attacked a Palestinian jail to capture Ahmed Saadat, a prisoner they blame for killing an Israeli politician. He eventually surrendered.

UK and US monitors watch the jail, but they left over fears for their safety.

Many Palestinian groups say this is why Israel decided to attack, so they're angry with the US and the UK.

A British cultural centre in Gaza has been set on fire, and protestors have stormed a compound belonging to the European Union.

It's also been reported that several western aid workers have been kidnapped.

Palestinian militants from the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in Gaza City have warned British and American people to leave Palestinian territories at once.

Israeli officials said the raid on the jail in Jericho was necessary as Palestinian politicians were discussing releasing Saadat.