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Last Updated: Monday March 13 2006 17:38 GMT

Quiz: Science facts

Young scientist uses a microscope.

Question 1

Who discovered penicillin in 1928?

A: Professor Alexander Penicillin
B: Professor Alexander Fleming
C: Professor Anne Tibiotics

Question 2

How many bones does an adult have?

A: 166
B: 186
C: 206

Question 3

What happens to blue Litmus paper when it's dipped into acid?

A: It turns red
B: It explodes
C: It generates electricity

Question 4

If you want to see something close up, what do you use?

A: Stethoscope
B: Microscope
C: Barometer

Question 5

Which planet is nearest Earth?

A: Mercury
B: Mars
C: Venus

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