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Last Updated: Monday March 13 2006 14:25 GMT

Quiz: Computer games

Gamer playing XBox 360

Question 1

What was the first game for home computers?

A: Donkey Kong
B: Space Invaders
C: Pong

Question 2

Which of these is NOT a games console?

A: Master System
B: Cyberdrive

Question 3

When was the PlayStation first released?

A: 1990
B: 1994
C: 1998

Question 4

What job does Super Mario do?

A: He's a plumber
B: He's a gardener
C: He's a builder

Question 5

Who makes the XBox and the XBox 360?

A: Nintendo
B: Sony
C: Microsoft

Question 6

What kind of animal is Sonic?

A: A stoat
B: An ottter
C: A hedgehog

Question 7

Pictures in computer games are made of small dots. What are these dots called?

A: Imixes
B: Pixels
C: Visicles

Question 8

Which of these is NOT a handheld games console?

A: Sega Game Gear
B: Atari Lynx
C: Amiga Puma

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