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Last Updated: Wednesday March 15 2006 18:34 GMT

Your thoughts on NR Extra on depression

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There's been a lot in the news about depression recently and most experts agree the number of kids affected is going up.

One in ten kids in the UK has a mental illness and among them 90,000 have depression.

On Newsround Extra we heard from kids about their experiences and how they're getting help.

E-mail and tell us your thoughts on this programme.

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Your comments

I am suffering from depression at the moment and I didn't realise how many children are actually known to be suffering. There should be more help available so children don't feel so alone while going through a bad time. I found the courage to tell people and I am now getting help. More children need this help and the problem needs to be thought about and something should be done.
Samantha, 14, Norwich

I'm suffering from depression right now due to grief and school work. Watching your programme has given me the courage to tell people about it and I'm going to go for counselling. It's also made me realise that more people are going through what I'm going through.
Hannah, 14, Swansea

I have suffered with depression and it is really horrible. I think everyone should know about it and more help should be available.
Becca, 12, Harpenden

I've battled depression for the last few years since I started secondary school but what I don't understand is the lack of help for teens because everyone thinks it's hormonal and we'll just get over it. I'm lucky, I received help but I know many others who haven't been able to get the help they need. It's helpful to know I'm not alone in feeling like I do.
Rachel, 14, Epsom

I think that they should put a therapist in schools and special classes for the people that aren't happy.
Maddy, 8, Bagshot

I myself have suffered from depression and didn't tell anyone about it for a long long time and all it did was get worse. I finally got the guts to talk to a person on ChildLine and it helped so much. Children like me shouldn't have to face this alone.
Lulu, 12, Belfast

I think it's great that Newsround have put this up as it will help kids with depression to know they are not alone.
Ellie, 12, Leeds

I think there should be more help available to people and kids who suffer from depression because a lot of people are unaware of it.
Kate, 14, Leicestershire

I've been affected by depression and I know how hard it is, but you have to remember there are people out there who love you and want to help you. Talk to someone.
Hayley, 14, Daventry

I think that it is terrible that people have to go through depression but I think that there should be more facilities to help them as they aren't advertised well enough and not a lot of people know about them.
Nicola, 14, Blackpool

I suffered with depression, and all I could do was be miserable and cry. I didn't want to wake up in the mornings, because I didn't want another day to start again.
Naomi, 13, Ewell

My dad has depression and it has affected me quite a lot, so I'm glad that people are more aware of it, especially amongst young people.
Polly, 12, Basingstoke

I think this Newsround Extra was a great idea because it got through to loads of kids about how many kids are affected by depression.
Lydia, 12, Sheffield

I think some kids who suffer from depression do not get taken seriously enough and if things are not kept confidential they might get bullied because of it.
Ellie, 12, Leeds

I can't believe how many children suffer from depression- the numbers are really high. It can be very stressful when you want to talk to someone but there isn't just the person to help them express!! I personally think more should be done. Maybe schools can have people there where students can go and just let off some emotions when they need to. I didn't have anyone to talk to at school or at home and this made me worse because I was bottling it up!!
Kirsty, 15, Essex

I didn't think that depression affected so many young people. I would like to learn more about depression but don't know where to look. I am nervous about asking people because I don't know what they would think when I ask for info for a friend when really it's for me.
Gemma, 14, Redhill

Depression is very common and it can be very hard to know if you have it. I think I might have depression and I have been trying to work out if it really is depression for 4 years now. Depression can be quite mild or very severe and the only way you can know for sure is talking to someone; something that is so hard to do, not even my closest friends know how I feel.
Lara, 15, London

I think it's great that Newsround has picked up on the subject because its a really big issue. Especially these days when everyone is being pushed to the limits and you're always finding you have to strive harder. I think that's what sets people off.
Kurt, 13, Horsham

One of my best friends has depression and I feel guilty because I don't know how to help her. I didn't know it affected so many children.
Hannah, 14, Fleet

In 2005, when I was 12, I was suffering from depression too. I wouldn't want to get up in the morning, or eat anything. It was a very bad time for me, but with the help of my doctors, and my parents support, I've overcome it and am glad I am! I couldn't be happier now.
Louis, 13, Gosport

I'm depressed and I've told a mate but they think I'm saying that because I want attention which isn't true. I then told another mate and she's helping me now.
Emma, 14

I think they should have a special number for people to call if they think that they suffer from depression.
Cara, 10, Brighton

More should be done to help children that are depressed. There should be more people they can go to, and people who you tell that keep it confidential, but help you. I know the feeling of depression because I have it myself and I feel there is no one I can turn to about it. Some children just need to talk to someone and often there isn't any one to turn to.
Becky, 15, Pontefract

I've suffered from depression. Don't worry it always picks up with time and help.
Chris, 14

I didn't know so many kids were affected by depression - I think I'm more aware of it now.
Grace, 13, Bath

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