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Last Updated: Monday March 13 2006 10:46 GMT

What I love about gymnastics


Press Packer Nairi enjoys gymnastics and trains every week at her club.

In her report she tells us why she loves doing handstands and cartwheels!

"I go to a gymnastics club.

We train on Mondays and Saturdays and it's really fun.

Everyone gets on really well and no-one feels left out.

We have two groups on Mondays, one group for people who have just started and another for the more advanced children.

Try new things

On Saturdays only a few children come so we work as one group.

I enjoy this more because it means you can watch everyone else.

Some people are better than you and you can try and copy the way they do things.

We do cartwheels, handstands, headstands, rolls, vaulting, beamwork and loads of other things.

Help each other

After Easter we are even going to start doing back flips and round offs!

The best thing about gymnastics is that everyone is friendly.

Although we all want to do well, no-one argues over who is better than who and we all help each other.

Work hard

Next year we want to go to a competition.

So now we need to work really hard as a team to make sure everyone can go.

I hope that our club will be able to expand so that every child who wants to come will get a chance."

Nairi, 12, Scotland

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