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Last Updated: Sunday March 12 2006 14:32 GMT

Cold weather threat to UK frogs

Frog spawn
Freezing cold conditions across the UK could be threatening Britain's frog population, say experts.

The Woodland Trust warns that even those tadpoles that survive the bitter weather could face more problems if we have a drought this summer.

The warnings follow reports there has been fewer frog spawn sightings across south west England than last year.

Experts are worried these factors, along with a cold start to March, could lead to a drop in British frog numbers.

The Woodland Trust is now asking people to keep an eye out for frog spawn, and to let them know when they spot it by going to the CBBC's Springwatch website.

A frog
The information will then be used to help the Trust track frog numbers.

Frog spawn is a thick jelly filled with tiny eggs which look like black dots. It can be found in ponds, ditches, wheel ruts and slow moving streams.

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