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Last Updated: Thursday August 24 2006 18:41 GMT

Hotseat: Kids' author Debi Gliori

Debi Gliori
Newsround tracked down kids' writer Debi Gliori at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and we put some of YOUR best questions to her.

Debi has written lots of books including Pure Dead Brilliant, Pure Dead Wicked and Pure Dead Magic.

As a child who was your favourite author?
Gabrielle, 10, London

Oh, that is such a tough question Gabrielle, but I think when I was about 10-12 there was a guy called Gerald Durrell and he wrote a book called My Family and Other Animals.

What was your inspiration for the book?
Mimi, 10, Warminster and Ellie, 12, Oxford

I started off with one idea, and my computer kept crashing. So I thought why not cut out the middle man why not email myself to London without having to fly a plane or anything?

And that was the kernel of an idea that started off the first book.

Who were your favourite characters from the pure dead series? Mine are Pandora and Tara ntella.
Romy, 13, Coventry

Tarantella, my goodness. I'm pretty fond of Tarantella. In fact, I think I possibly am Tarantella.

My favourite character changes from day to day. Today it's Luciano. The dad, the mad Italian hysteric. I'm very, very fond of him.

Will there be a sequel to Deep Water?
Emily, 12, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Oh Emily, I love you already!

I hope there will be a sequel, but there won't be a sequel for a while because I have to leave the Strega-Borgias to their lives for a little while.

What inspired you to be an author?
Marie, 13, Brechin and Mica, 12, Wolverhampton

Well Marie and Mica, it wasn't so much with a moment of inspiration, it was something I'd always done.

And coupled with going to art school and and learning how to be an illustrator it just seemed to be the most sensible thing to do and carry on writing stories. And then one morning I woke and thought 'gee whizz, you know what, I am a writer'.

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