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Last Updated: Saturday March 11 2006 14:51 GMT

Polar bear triplets born at zoo

The polar bear triplets and their mother
A zoo in the Netherlands is celebrating the birth of polar bear triplets.

The three-month-old cubs made their debut appearance in front of the public on Friday, when the mother bear came out of their hut with them in tow.

It's thought to be the first time that polar bear triplets have ever been born in captivity.

It's not unusual for three cubs to be born in the wild, but only the two strongest cubs usually survive their first year of life.

A polar bear
But experts at Rhenen Zoo say the chance of all three of their new arrivals growing up strong are very good, because there are no predators and plenty of food around to help the babies grow.

The mother bear is also experienced in raising cubs, after giving birth to another bear four years ago.

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