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Last Updated: Wednesday October 01 2008 10:25 GMT

Tips on giving up smoking

Someone stubbing out a cigarette

Giving up smoking can be really tough, especially if lots of your friends smoke. And it's really common for kids to start, with 450 lighting up for the first time every day.

But there are some really good reasons why giving up smoking is a really good thing to do, not least the amount of cash you'll have to spend on other stuff.

Someone who smokes just one pack a week spends more than 250 a year on cigarettes.

Quitting is also a good idea for health reasons, as people who smoke can get lung and heart problems. As soon as a smoker stops their body starts repairing itself.

Smoking is also really bad for the environment, as trees are cut down to make cigarettes and in the UK around 40% of street litter is cigarette buts. Nice.

Of course giving up isn't easy, even if a smoker knows all the reasons why it's a good idea. Thankfully there are loads of top tips for helping someone quit smoking for good.

Tips for someone trying to give up:

  • Find out if they want you to help them or not. Some people need others to talk to them and check how they're getting on, others don't want to talk about it at all
  • Give up something you really like. Maybe give chocolate or fizzy drinks the elbow at the same time as someone else is stubbing out their habit
  • Just because they started giving up a few weeks' ago, don't forget about them. Keep telling them they're doing well if you get the chance
  • Spend time with them in places where no-one is allowed to smoke. That may make it easier to stop
  • Someone giving up smoking may occasionally be a little snappy. They're not being nasty so you may have to cut them slack
  • Make a big deal of small landmarks like a week without a cigarette, two weeks' without one, etc
  • If you do smoke, don't smoke around the person trying to give up and don't leave cigarettes or ashtrays in places they may find them