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Last Updated: Sunday March 12 2006 13:51 GMT

Do non-smoking days make a difference?

Cigarette stubs on the floor
Smokers are being encouraged to give up the habit to tie in with No Smoking Day.

But do you think non-smoking days make a difference?

Do you know someone who has given up smoking because of this day?

Or maybe someone who gave up just for the one day, but then started again?

Maybe you think non-smoking days are just a waste of time?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

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Your comments

I think that people are only going to stop smoking if they want to. You can't force people to stop. They have to be determined enough. Yes, you can give them a push by banning smoking in public places but non-cmoking days are just a complete waste of time.
Reem, 12, West Sussex

No, it makes no difference as people just ignore the day!it.
Shauni, 11, Manchester

I don't really think it helps because some people get fed up of people telling them not to smoke!
Stef, 13, Dorchester

I think non-smoking days are a waste of time because so far they haven't achieved anything. However I think non-smoking days should be made into a bigger issue as most people don't even know when there is one and if they did their likely to do more about it.
Kirst, 14, Derbyshire

I have been smoking for 2-3 years and I just can't stop. I have tried everything it's just sooo hard.
Beccie, 15, Felixstowe

I don't think it really makes a difference because people will smoke the next day more maybe. It could be a week to make it better or help smokers think they can stop.
Ashley, 12, Little Paxton

No, people just ignore non-smoking days.
Callum, 8, Telford

To be quite blunt I hate smoking and I will never like it so I think no smoking day is good but I also think the UK should ban smoking altogether.
Bradley, 13, Shrewsbury

I think non-smoking days are good as my dad died because of smoking seven years ago.
Maryam, 12, St. Ives

I smoke and have been for four years and my mum and dad smoke too. I did have a cigarette yesterday - I don't think the non-smoking day does anything to help me stop.
Lawrence , 12, Manchester

I think it's a waste of time and that kids and people don't really pay much attention to this day.
Becky, 13, Manchester

Yes as smoking is really bad. My grandfather died from it so I encourage people not to be stupid like the others - don't do it.
Meaghan, 13, Australia

I think non-smoking days only apply to people who DON'T smoke. When I was on my way to school on the day I saw lots of people smoking in their car and on the street. I don't think it helps them give up.
Bonbon, 12, East Kilbride

It's a really rubbish idea in my opinion! One day to stop smokers quit is just not enough.
Sinthiya, 11, London

Lots of people find it hard to give up smoking and I think non smoking day will help them to give up smoking for good.
Lucy, 14, Hanwell

No, I don't really think it will make much difference. I think the government should stop letting them be sold - it would probably help more!
Charlotte, 11, Harrogate

I think people can stop when they want to but non smoking days do make a difference as I think it sets smokers a challenge.
Stefanie, 14, Liverpool

It's extremely unlikely that anyone would take any notice of non smoking day. I didn't even know it was - teachers should have announced it in school.
Emily, 12, Hampshire

I think that the non smoking adverts should target TV programmes aimed at 13-15 years old as this should help stop them even starting to smoke.
James, 12, Chorley

Once a year isn't enough, if you do it once a week then it will get easier for the smoker and they might decide to give up altogether.
Justin, 13, Cherrington

Yes they do make a difference because they some help people to quit smoking but if some other people don't that shows that they can't live without cigarettes and that they are too addicted!
Victoria, 12, Northwich

They don't make a difference my dad smokes and he is trying to give up but not because of a non smoking day.
Jenna, 13, Ledbury

I think that a non smoking day is a good idea because it may make smokers think twice about lighting up, with all the advertisements on telly and in doctors it may give people the power say to say no! I hate smoking and I think it is a filthy habit!
Fi, 13, Leeds

I think that no smoking day wont make a lot of people stop smoking but it might make them start to think about what it is doing to them.
Ellie, 12, Leeds

It's not going o make a difference because people will ignore it. Loads of my friends smoke and say a non-smoking day isn't going to stop them - they need to make smoking banned all together.
Rachel, 14, Cambridgeshire

My mum gave up smoking the day before yesterday. She didn't even know about non-smoking day, but she decided to give up anyway. I'm really proud of her!
Liberty, 10, Westbourne

I don't think that non-smoking days make a difference because most people might give up for the day but the next day they're back to normal!
Amie, 11, Newcastle

I think that it helps raise awareness that smoking is a problem but for a smoker a banner and a t-shirt isn't going to give them the will power to give up.
Kate, 14, Nottingham

I don't think they do make a difference really.
Francesca, 13, Ramsey

No they won't because if people want to give up they will at their own will power. But if you do smoke, GIVE UP!
Zoe, 11, Redhill

Well, why don't the government just stop selling cigarettes. Simple as, but they earn to much money to stop selling them
Angharad, 14, Wales

People who smoke, thinks it's cool, but it's not. I know someone who smoked from a very young age and is very weak and is nearly always ill. STOP SMOKING if you do; it's not worth it.
Sara, 13, Belfast

It annoys me when people smoke and I don't think No Smoking Day is going to help. A lot of people might not even know it is non-smoking day.
Alex, 12, Fleet

Giving up is hard and I don't think non smoking days make a difference.
Charlotte, 12, Wellington

We have had to learn about this in Citizenship, and I think that we should have one day every week where people should give it up. Having it on just one day a year isn't fast enough.
Jodie, 11, Barking

Hopefully a non-smoking day will help smokers give up.
Sinead, 15, Scarborough

I think it will help them quit so it's a great idea.
Emily, 12, Milton Keynes

I think if someone wants to give up smoking they will - it doesn't matter if it's a non-smoking day.
Craig, 13, Aberdeen

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