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Last Updated: Wednesday March 08 2006 17:26 GMT

We live on a turkey farm

Ella, India and Toby
Ella, India and Toby

With the possibility of bird flu creeping closer to the UK, poultry farmers are taking precautions.

Toby, India and Ella live on a turkey farm and tell us all about it.

"We've grown up on our turkey farm and we help our parents look after all the turkeys and the chickens.

We have over 2,000 turkeys. Some are Kelly Whites and the other breed is Kelly Bronze.

The make loads of noise when they are altogether!

Daily duties

Every day we help let them all outside, and then put them back into their sheds at night.

We also check they are fed and have fresh water.

During breeding season, we also have chickens. We can collect around 2,500 eggs every day!

Not scared of bird flu

We are around the turkeys every day but we're not worried about getting bird flu.

Some people at school say we should be worried, but we are taking advice from the vets.

Only 91 people have died from bird flu worldwide, but 20,000 people die from normal flu every year so we're not letting it scare us.

Protecting the farm

At the moment the turkeys are kept inside because of the cold weather, but if bird flu comes to England then we will have to keep the turkeys inside.

This will stop them coming into contact with any wild birds who might carry bird flu.

Birds fly around the world to warmer climates to find food and to breed.

Some of these wild birds like ducks and swans can carry bird flu but might not show any signs of it.

If they land near our farm the turkeys which live here could catch it, so we will keep them inside until the vet says it is safe to let them out again.

If bird flu comes here then there are a few things we can do to stop it infecting our birds:

  • People won't be able to come near our farm
  • All our vehicles and machinery will be thoroughly cleaned
  • Movement of eggs and birds will be restricted

There are no cases of bird flu in the UK yet.

Until then the Government says it's fine to keep our birds outside.

It is safe for everyone to carry on eating chicken, turkey and eggs as you can't catch bird flu from eating them."

Toby, 11, India, 10, Bella, 9 from Essex

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